By   August 8, 2018

Original Porsche Boxster  Welcome Video

Original Porsche Boxster Welcome Video

Back when the Porsche Boxster first came out, in model year 1997, there was a huge waiting list to get an example of the new roadster. The Boxster would go on to help save Porsche from financial difficulties.

For those fortunate enough to get an early Boxster when new, the experience was different than many other vehicles. In general Porsche dealerships provide a no pressure, up scale selling environment. After all, the car sells itself.

Once folks purchased their new Boxster, they were given an informative VHS video tape. While it is not unusual to get a welcome DVD these days, to get a video tape with your car was not the norm in the 90’s.

The below video is the welcome video that owners of the early 2.5-liter Porsche Boxster received. For anybody that owns one of these cars, this is a fun watch. Even if you don’t own a Boxster, it is interesting to see what a Porsche welcome video from 20 years ago was like.

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