By   August 19, 2018

Porsche Boxster Top

Porsche Boxster Top

For our readers that aren’t already aware, we have added back the question and answer portion of our site. It was part of our site in testing for a while, but unfortunately spam questions forced it to be shut down.

We now have added some aggressive spam filtering that should result in only your automotive questions appearing.

The below is a perfect example of the types of questions you can ask. Here Corey asks if you can install a glass rear window top on a Porsche Boxster fitted from the factory with a plastic rear window.

We will be answering the question ourselves soon, but know that there is a ton of knowledge in our regular readers and wanted to give you a chance to answer the question.

You can also ask your own questions here.

Click here to see the full question and to add your answer.

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