By   August 29, 2018

Porsche 944 S

Porsche 944 S

This past week was Monterey Car Week. The yearly pilgrimage of enthusiasts to automotive Mecca is one filled with classic and exotic cars. It is the time of year where when driving around Monterey Ferraris seem as common as Toyotas.

Besides driving and viewing cars, Car Week is a great time to buy collector cars. Many vehicles are offered for sale and auctions are where the most valuable examples go up for sale.

Of course the cars like the Ferrari 250 GTO make all the headlines, but there are more affordable collectors car available and auctions often give a sense of where the collector car market is heading. One vehicle that caught our eye is this 1987 Porsche 944 S.

The perfect example of a 944 S was auctioned by RM Sotheby’s. The front-engined Porsche only had 15,015 originally miles on it.

The 1987 Porsche 944 S is a rare vehicle. It doesn’t have the performance of the 944 Turbo or S2, but has a bit more in the top end than the standard 944.

After crossing the block the 944 S went for $22,400. That is a good amount of cash for a 944, although it is a top end example. This raises the question of if the 944 S is starting to gain popularity.

This is just one sale, but the 944 in general and the Porsche 944 S in particularly is a car to keep an eye on. They have gained some value in recent years, but plenty of good examples are still available for under $15,000.

If we’ll maintained examples continue to rise time may be running out to get a 944 S at a decent price.

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