By   September 22, 2018

Cheap Lamborghini

Cheap Lamborghini

There really is no such thing as a cheap Lamborghini. Sure you may be able to find one for a relatively low price, but the cost to put it right will quickly add up.

Just how bad is it if you purchase something like a 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo for about $60K? Originally this car would go for over $200,000, but thanks to depreciation good examples can be had for a little under $100,000. This makes it quite the deal, but there was s a catch.

A $60,000 example will be nowhere near perfect. In fact there is a good chance that it won’t even be drive-able. However, with some time, effort and a good amount of cash it can be put right.

If you buy a cheap Lamborghini will it turn out to be an affordable sports car when all is said and done? Unless you cut a lot of corners and go cheap on parts it will soon cost you as much or possibly more than buying a better example.

The below videos are from someone who bought a cheap Lamborghini. They show just how bad an inexpensive raging bull can be and how to get it drivable.

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