By   September 24, 2018

Cheap Wheel Vibration Fix

Cheap Wheel Vibration Fix

When you drive a sports car you expect to feel every bump in the steering wheel and your buttocks. However, there is a point where the wheel vibration is just too much.

When this happens the cause can be a number of things and some of them are more difficult than others to fix. The issue could be from worn ball joints or a bent tie-rod.

It could also be something much easier and less expensive to fix. A common cause of high speed wheel vibration is that the wheels become out of balance.

Overtime, especially when driving over bad roads, some wheel weight can become lost from the inside of the rim. When this happens a quick tire balancing is all it takes to fix the issue.

Because getting your wheels balanced is inexpensive, it is probably the first thing to try if you notice a vibration in the wheels at high speed. It is possible that this could fix the entire problem, or you may need to take additional corrective actions. Either way, at least you eliminate one potential cause of the issue for relatively little money.

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