By   December 11, 2018

Porsche Cayman

Porsche Cayman

The manual transmission is on its way out in today’s automotive world. The reason for this is largely due to the fact that automatic transmissions have become quicker and sales of cars with manual transmissions have plummeted.

The dual clutch transmission has allowed for an automatic (or semi-automatic) to be faster than a traditional manual transmission. Porsche makes one of the best dual clutch transmissions available with their PDK.

The use of a dual clutch tranny offers a less engaging driving experience than a manual. With the manual you have a third pedal that allows for a more rewarding drive when you get things like rev-matching perfect. However, on many tracks the PDK would dust the manual.

This video shows a side by side comparison of a Porsche Cayman with a PDK transmission and one with a traditional manual. The footage shows the two hitting the track to see where each shines.

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  • John Mackay

    A great benefit of a manual transmissions is that they engage younger driver’s hands and feet so that they are perhaps less likely to drive while holding a cell phone.

    I’ll never give up manual transmission

    • Jimmy

      You make a good point. Anything that keeps folks focused on the road is a good thing.