By   December 13, 2018



When people ask me about buying a used performance car, among other things, I always recommend buying the best well maintained example that they can afford. This can end up saving you thousands of dollars in future repairs and will often end up costing less than buying a vehicle with needs.

Modern BMWs are known as the “ultimate driving machine”, but this can come at a high price. BMWs get hit hard with depression, which can make them a tempting purchase, but repair costs are often high on these luxury cars.

This video features a cheap BMW M5 that was purchased for just $6,500. The footage shows the car being driven and then a visit to the mechanic (better known as the “Car Wizard”) details everything that needs to be repaired.

Check out the video to see just how much it’s will cost to get this affordable M5 performing like it should. I won’t give away the end, but it does prove my point about buying the best example that you can find (as well as getting a pre-purchase inspection).

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