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2000 Horsepower Lamborghini

2000 Horsepower Lamborghini

For younger automotive enthusiasts and their parents insurance costs can dictate what type of car they are allowed to drive. When I was in college I had saved enough cash to buy an air-cooler Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera that was in well maintained very good condition.

I came home and told my parents that I wanted to buy it and my Mother talked me out of it mainly because of the insurance costs. Of course she also thought I would kill myself and my response of “at least I would die happy”, didn’t help the conversation go well.

Of course looking back, I should have bought the 911 and let my Dad drive it until I was old enough to afford the insurance. I would now have a car worth many times what I was going to pay for that 911 (it was being sold for under $10,000 at the time). I ended up buying a 1973 Mercedes-Benz 280C, so not too bad for a first car.

The cost for me to insure a 911 at 18 years old would have been more than what my minimum wage job would have supported. This is just one older sports car, but what would it have cost to have a garage full of newer supercars?

The guys at JR Garage have answered that as it pertains to a 2,000 horsepower Lamborghini Gallardo. They tell some of their tricks to keeping their rates lower. Some are unique to their situation, but a others can be used buy any younger driver.

Note: The start of the video is about a cars and coffee event and the part about the insurance is in the second half.

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