By   January 8, 2019

Turtle Wax Jet Black

Turtle Wax Jet Black

If you have a black car the Turtle Wax Jet Black kit promises to make your vehicle shine with a deeper darker shine. It comes with a cleaner, wax and spray-on detailer.

This video features us trying out the Turtle Wax Jet Black kit. We go through the steps of how the kit works and then talk about what worked and what didn’t.

The system is simple to use and it comes with two foam applicators. You do need to use your own micro-fiber towels and after using the kit we found that a number of clean towels is a very good idea. The cleaner and wax can also dye your hands black, so latex gloves are a very good idea.

Please note: We purchased the product ourselves and have not been compensated by Turtle Wax in any way.

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