By   February 19, 2019

Porsche Boxster P0453

Porsche Boxster P0453

When a check engine light illuminates on your dash, there aren’t many other things so small that can ruin your day in quite the same way. For many of us it means taking your car to a mechanic or getting out the trusty OBD II reader to see what is wrong.

Most of the time a check engine light has something to do with the car’s emissions system. This can be something with the fuel, air or exhaust as if any one of these is out of whack the light will come on. It can also be an issue with the sensor that checks the system itself.

Our project Porsche Boxster R recently had the check engine light shine bright. The code returned was P0453, which has to do with the fuel pressure system. As you normally do with these types of issues, we started by fixing the obvious issues and we found a potential issue with wiring.

This video shows the details of what we found and how we have so far attempted to fix it. Fortunately, we don’t believe the fuel system is the problem at this time, but the issue is likely the sensor or its wiring. Check what we found. The issue shocked us and made us wonder what could have happened.

You can purchase the Porsche Boxster gas cap features in the video here.

You can purchase the soldering kit in the video here.

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