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Porsche 986 and Ferrari 308

Porsche 986 and Ferrari 308

Ferrari or Porsche? It is a debate as heated as the differences between political parties or religious denominations.

But if you had the choice of buying a used Ferrari or a used Porsche, what would you choose? Not all that long ago I had just such a choice.

At the time the Ferrari 308 GTB was one of the cheapest used Ferraris that you could find. For about $25,000, you could afford to purchase a good condition driver. That’s Honda Civic money for a Ferrari!

At the time the early Porsche 986 Boxster was still depreciating and a good example was going for about $15,000 (with about $10,000 being the low end).

Both cars offered roughly the same performance and mid-engined handling. However, the Porsche was about $10,000 less expensive and benefited from being over 10 years newer.

The Ferrari is the more impressive car to drive. When people see you driving a Ferrari 308 you’ll get a lot more attention than in a Porsche Boxster.

Along with this prestige comes more expensive maintenance costs and attention even when you don’t want it. This attention can make a simple trip to the gas station take much longer than in other cars.

This video details the reasons I chose the Porsche 986 Boxster over the Ferrari 308. It also talks about recent values and how I may be kicking myself for not buying a 308 when they were still affordable.

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