By   July 30, 2019

Porsche 992 or C8 Corvette

Porsche 992 or C8 Corvette

Porsche 992 or C8 Corvette? It’s a question that a Porsche enthusiast would not think that they would be asking themselves. However, the C8 is promising some impressive specs and a starting price almost half as much as a 992 Carrera S.

The new mid engine Corvette is all the rage and Porsche may need to rethink some of their strategies.

Sure past Corvettes have gotten close to the 911, but build quality and features prevented Porsche from largely needing to worry about the GM sports car. The C7 took a huge step forward in terms of materials used in the interior.

The C8 takes this a step further with the promised high performance figures and more reasonable price than a 911. Should Porsche be watching it’s back on the Corvette or is the gap still wide enough?

In this video I share my thoughts on why Porsche should be worried about the new mid engine C8 Corvette. Check out the video and then scroll down to the comments and let us know if you purchase a C8 over a 992 generation Porsche 911.

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