By   December 4, 2020

Audi Motorsport

Audi Motorsport

Audi and BMW have announced that they will be leaving Formula E. Audi will return to endurance racing and will now return to competing at the top level of Le Mans.

With Audi’s announcement the question is what does this mean for their VW Group stable mate, Porsche? The history of Porsche at the top level of Le Mans is epic. From the Porsche 917 to the most recent top level winner, the 919 Hybrid it is the stuff of legend.

For Porsche Formula E was seen as important with the move to the EV market. However, Formula E is being seen by some as an expensive experiment that shows that racing EVs are just not ready for primetime.

Porsche is likely committed to Formula E for another season or two, but is it likely that once this is done that they return to the top level of endurance racing?

The issue with Porsche’s return to the top level of Le Mans is Audi. While their VW Group sibling may show that Porsche could leave Formula E behind, it also posses a question of if VW Group wants Audi and Porsche to compete against each other.

In the past they didn’t allow the two to compete at the top level of endurance racing for very long. But if they allowed this to happen it would be a huge win for endurance racing fans.

What do you think Porsche will do with respect to Formula E and returning to the top level of endurance racing? Scroll down to the comments and share your thoughts.

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