By   December 8, 2020

Porsche 928 S

Porsche 928

The Porsche 928 is possibly the best GT car ever made. The V8 powered German performance car is just made for eating miles.

It is comfortable and powerful for its vintage. It also features near 50 / 50 weight distribution to help it handle quite well. This is thanks to its front engine rear transaxle layout.

While the 928 didn’t end up replacing the 911 it is a very good Porsche that has been gaining in value recently. It wasn’t long ago that you could buy one for not that much, but now a clean example will set you back a few thousand dollars more than just a couple of years ago.

The 928 is the star of a number of 80’s movies and at the time it looked like it was out of this world. Not only does it have very unique unique styling on the outside, but it had some unique features.

Check out this video and then scroll down to the comments to share your favorite feature.

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