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11 Facts About the All-New Volkswagen ID. Buzz

Have you heard? The all-new microbus from Volkswagen is not only superfunctional, but it’s also completely electric. Even though the ID. Buzz won’t be zipping onto car lots for a couple more years, there’s great news! We have the inside scoop on 11 facts about the VW ID. Buzz, you need to know before it’s available to purchase in 2024.
1. A Comfortable Ride
The VW ID. Buzz has room for up to seven people, plus plenty of cargo space. You can fold down the back seats for even more space. The interior boasts high seat positions, comfortable armrests, USB ports, and plenty of storage trays. Add in generous amounts of legroom and headroom, you can’t go wrong with the ID. Buzz.
2. Incredible Handling
The ID. Buzz has impeccable handling despite its length, which is a touch over 15 feet. When you get behind the wheel of this ultra-modern VW, you’ll notice it handles just like the Volkswagen Golf. So if you have a new driver that can’t wait for the ID. Buzz to hit the market in a few years, just hit the search button for “used cars near me,” and give the Golf a test drive. That way you can save purchasing ID. Buzz for yourself!

3. Made With Sustainable Materials
Not only will you be saving money on gas with the all-new electric ID. Buzz, you’ll be saving the planet, too! They made interior features with recycled plastic pulled from the ocean and animal-free fabrics. The ID. Buzz also uses a battery without cobalt, which has been known to cause troublesome labor and environmental issues.
4. Set the Mood and More
Have the world at your fingertips and drive safely at the same time with the signature Digital Cockpit by Volkswagen. This incredible infotainment center and digital dash allows you to do things like set ambient lighting to 10 different colors, use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, and access over thirty on-board assist systems in your new ID. Buzz
5. Bi-Directional Charging
Perhaps one of the most unique features of the VW ID. Buzz is that you can save money by charging it during the day, and use the power from an optional storage battery to operate household appliances at night. This power transfer is possible via a special DC bi-directional wall box. This charging box is a separate purchase from your ID. Buzz and must be installed by a certified electrician.
6. Get a Federal Tax Credit
Did you know the government will give you up to a $7,500 federal tax credit to offset the initial purchase price of an electric vehicle? This considerably brings down the cost of the Volkswagen ID. Buzz, which is expected to start in the $45,000 range.
7. A Quiet Ride
A lot of noise from the road comes from a combustible engine. With the battery-powered VW ID. Buzz, you get nothing but a quiet ride. That’s because there’s a barely-there audio soundtrack piped in to cover any noise you might hear from the powertrain. However, you can turn up the volume during your drive by playing your favorite tunes through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.
8. Sensational Exterior Style
One of the most identifiable features of the original Volkswagen Bus was its exterior paint. The all-new Volkswagen ID. Buzz still offers two-toned exterior paint, but with a fresh take. Choose from four two-tone options, and seven single colors. The two-tone options will feature white tops with lime yellow, blue, green or orange.
9. Safety Features That Are Smart
When most people think about Volkswagen vehicles, they think of advanced safety features. The VW ID. Buzz is no different. Of course, you get all the usual safety features, like Front Assist and Lane Assist, but you also get innovative features like the ID. Light. This feature is an LED strip in your dashboard that lights up in various colors and flows in different directions. This allows you the ID. Buzz to communicate with you via your peripheral vision.
10. The ID. Buzz Has a Back-Up Plan
Even though the VW ID. Buzz is set to get 342 miles per charge, there might be times when you can’t get to a charging station. Don’t worry, the ID. Buzz comes equipped with solar panels on the roof that provide enough charge for 10 extra miles.
11. The Volkswagen ID. Buzz Won’t Be Available Until 2024
Even though the ID. Buzz won’t be available for a couple more years, there are still plenty of used cars in Kansas City that provide everything you’re looking for in a vehicle. Call a Volkswagen dealership near you to test drive the VW Golf, Jetta, or Passat.
From the classic VW Beetle to the brand-new ID. Buzz, you can always expect Volkswagen to have something for every driver.

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