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A Burning Ferrari Is Too Common

By   August 23, 2018

Burnt Ferrari F355

Burnt Ferrari F355

The Ferrari F355 is one of the best looking cars ever to wear a prancing horse. The analog driving experience is something you just can’t find in modern cars and then there is that exhaust sound.

The one downside, besides the high price of entry, is the maintenance costs. Due to the need for major engine out servicing about every five years, even if you can afford to purchase the car, you may not be able to afford it.

All of this makes it less attainable and then there is the chance that it will burn to a crisp.

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5 Affordable Ferraris for 2018

By   July 18, 2018

Ferrari 308 GTB

Ferrari 308

Five years ago I wrote about 5 affordable Ferraris. What a difference half a decade can make. At the time you could purchase a decent Ferrari 308 GTB/GTS for less about $30,000. Now that same car is worth close to $90,000!

Needless to say, it is time to update the list as $90,000 is only cheap to someone who can already afford a newer Ferrari. Incidentally, one of my largest regrets in my “car life” is not purchasing a 308 that I had found for $25,000.

I instead bought a Porsche 996, which is a fine car for daily use (much better than the Ferrari), but as of yet hasn’t shot up in value like the 308; and it probably never will to the same extent.

Without further ado, here are 5 affordable Ferraris for 2018.

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