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Tips On Driving A Manual Transmission

By   April 7, 2015

Hurst Speed Shifter Transmission

Manual Transmission

If you are like us then you are a fan of the traditional manual transmission. The driving experience is just more fun with a third pedal and that can improve your performance car lifestyle.

But if you aren’t an accomplished driver, then you may still be a little green when driving a manual. People also aren’t often taught very well with how best to drive a car with a stick and the lessons normally focus on keeping from killing the car.

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  5 Great Racing Shoes

By   March 24, 2015

Racing Shoes

Racing Shoes

If you are living a performance car lifestyle, then chances are it is only a mater of time until the track bug bites you. Once you get your first taste of a track day it can quickly spiral into an obsession.

Soon, you are buying a dedicated race car and perhaps even competing in a club racing class. Once you go this far, you need many safety items and clothing items. One such clothing item is a good pair of racing shoes.

Yes, you can go on the track in a pair of tennis shoes or even good driving footwear, but they aren’t made for the kind of driving that you will be doing. Once you find a good pair of these shoes, you’ll wonder how you ever went on the track without them.

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Matt Farah Gives Us His Powersliding Tip

By   March 23, 2015

Porsche Boxster Power Slide width=

Matt Farah Gives us a Tip on how to Powerslide

Powersliding is one of those very fun and cool looking things to do in a car. After all what would half the car videos be without it.

Of course doing this on a public road is not a good idea as there is a good chance that it could lead to an accident. However, if you get on a track or other private road (with no traffic) then you can get the car to powerslide in a much safer environment.

We asked a few folks for tips on how to powerslide and automotive personality, Matt Farah was one that gave us a tip.

Click past the jump (or scroll down if you came directly to the full article) to read the tip the Matt gave us on power sliding as well as the steps of how to do a powerslide .

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5 Great Driving Gloves

By   March 22, 2015

Driving Gloves

Good Driving Gloves

One of the most touched surfaces on your car is the steering wheel. If you like to take your pride and joy on a spirited trip then not much can enhance the experience quite like driving gloves. This can further improve your performance car lifestyle.

A good pair of gloves can enhance the grip on your steering wheel and if you choose the right pair they also may keep your wheel looking good for longer. Depending on the pair they can help keep your hands warm or they can be breathable for warmer weather.

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How To Drive Faster Through Weight Reduction On Yourself

By   March 18, 2015

eating right will give you a competitive racing advantage, just like the pros

Just Like The Pros Eating Right Will Help Your Driving

We all know that in racing weight reduction is a huge thing. If you’ve gotten into any form of racing then you know just how hard it is to reduce a car’s weight after a certain point.

No matter what class of racing you drive in (or if you just want to carry less weight while driving around town), you want to haul around as little as possible within the rules. But what do you do if you can’t get that last 20 pounds out off of the car? Well, in many classes the driver is weighted with the car and often there is a decent amount of weight that he is carrying.

Click past the jump to see five weight loss tips for the racer in all of us.

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