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#1 2019-06-26 05:20:50

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This Porsche 986 is claimed to be faster than a 911


This 2001 Porsche Boxster S has some minor mods. The owner estimates that it now has 290 horsepower instead of the 250 horses when stock.

The performance mods are simple, just a re-worked air intake and larger throttle body and a new plenum with better air flow. A remap of the ECU completes the package and helps with the power gains.

The owner says that this Porsche 986 is faster than a 996 generation 911 Carrera. If these claims are true he has quite a performance car. The 986 Boxster S is already a good fast car, but an additional 40 horses would give it a better power to weight ratio than a 911 of the same era.

Next the owner will be adding a new exhaust.

Once the exhaust goes in and everything is setup, I would love to see it on a Dyno to see the gains. It’s too bad it didn’t get a baseline Dyno before all of this was done.


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