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I loathed that the built in Osrs gold

I loathed that the built in Osrs gold speaker using a blanket Once I turned it to cause that the mac had a loud ass startup sound

Between RuneScape and newgrounds my mom took the telephone cord away that connected the desktop in sunlight room to the phone line at the living room.

When she went to my grandparents were out I'd take the cord off the phone itself and another shorter phone cable and utilize an RJ11 spiller we'd for some reason to perform with. 4:30pm could come around and I'd put it all backagain.

Mom never noticed since I couldn't really stretch the cable to the phone since she would take the phone into the kitchen and talk to people while making dinner a few nights.

I wrote out a response and realized this was a joke. It didn't look like a 2006 computerkeyboard. Can you see his Twitter profile? His location was set to Trollheim a few months ago. Yeah I remember that, but I can not shake the impression that he did that just for the memes. Someone on his group probably told him to set it to that simply to troll everyone. I could be wrong however! Would be neat when he played.

Assuming you will find around 85000 Buy Rs gold players on an average month he can buy everyone a new home and a car and still have billions.He changed his Twitter location to Trollheim so there's a opportunity. Crazy to think I might have ran past him in-game at a certain stage

He probably does not. He knows his fanbase enough to cater to them with that Type of thing I think his flavour of futurism takes next to no consideration of the working class, and by extension includes a lot of ideas that are absurd at best and reckless at worst.


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