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#1 2020-11-27 05:35:49

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The Madden 21 coins deserves all the blame

Normally a series would have to brag in their brand new gameplay to draw people in, EA can not do this since they adhere to the exact rules for the identical league for the same game.

If people stopped sending them fifty dollar bills to wash their eyes with, they'd likely find a reason to stop yelling about"dooming the market".

The day EA obtained the exclusive rights to conduct Mut 21 coins games was the afternoon Madden also ceased trying. I think after like Madden 08 we have been playing the identical game ever since. It's trash now. Boring, predictable crap.

The NFL deserves all the blame, Any anger in EA for the downfall of NFL2K is misdirected.The NFL was not happy with NFL 2k5 lowering their cost, they felt that the NFL was a superior brand and shouldn't own a bargain price. The NFL approached EA, not the other way around.

I actually preferred cheap Madden 21 coins during this time, but the two games were great. Competition, because it seems, is very good for the customer. Shocking.

I agree. You literally pay £60 for the exactly the same game, only with minimal graphical and game modification. I wish they would make a sports match that would be completely distinct from its previous game.

Yeah I grew bored of them. They'll add in just like one measly new feature that you are tired of after a couple of minutes. I couldn't justify purchasing a new one every calendar year either.


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