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How Much Are Ferrari 308 GTB / GTS Service Costs?

By   November 14, 2015

Ferrari 308 GTB

Ferrari 308 GTB

Owning a Ferrari is the dream of many sports car enthusiasts. The prancing horse is one of the few badges that say that you have really made it.

Even though most Ferraris are very expensive to purchase one on the used market you can get an affordable car from the Italian performance car maker (at least affordable by Ferrari standards). One model that is more attainable is the 308 GTB / GTS (the GTB is the hard top Berlinetta and the GTS is the targa top). But just because they can be found for under $60,000 (some examples can cost around $30,000 or less, but those will take some searching to find) doesn’t mean you can afford one.

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6 Affordable Ferraris To Buy Now – Part 1

By   February 6, 2015

Ferrai 308 GTB

Ferrari 308 GTB

A while back we came up with a list of 5 affordable Ferraris. Well, now may be the time to purchase a more affordable Ferrari as cars wearing a prancing horse tend to go up in value.

These cars can be had for relatively little money right now (at least by Ferrari standards), but in five or ten years that may no longer be the case. So, we have come up with a list of 6 affordable Ferraris that you should purchase right now.

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The cars that we will be covering over the next few weeks are the below.

  1. Ferrari 308 GTB/GTS
  2. Ferrari 308 GT4
  3. Ferrari Mondial
  4. Ferrari F355
  5. Ferrari 360 Modena
  6. Ferrari F430

As this is part one we will talk a bit about the Ferrari 308 GTB/GTS (a.k.a. the Magnum P.I. car).

The 308 GTB/GTS is an iconic late ’70s early ’80s car whose styling still stands out today. It had very good performance for its time and gives the driver a special feeling.

Powered by a mid-mounted V8 engine the 308 GTB/GTS has great handling and an intoxicating exhaust note. Cars with the GTB are the hard top cars and GTS cars have the targa top.

The Italian sports car was made from 1975-1985 and it replaced what is now the legendary Dino 246. The American version of the car offers about 240 horsepower (depending on the year of the car) and thanks to its light weight of 2,403 pounds (for the GTB) it manages 0-60 mph in about 6 seconds flat. While many cars are much faster these days, that was incredibly fast in the late ’70s and early ’80s.

Prices of 308 GTB/GTSs in good condition have been on the rise recently. Not very long ago you could find good examples for the $20,000-$30,000 range, but finding decent cars in that range has become much more difficult. Prices are now often in the $40,000 – $60,000 range and we have even seen low mileage examples going for as much as $100,000.

With these wonderful cars gaining traction, now is likely the best time to buy one. If you wait much longer they could very well double in price.

Of course as with any car, prices could go up or down and on one of these wonderful Italian cars repairs and maintenance are quite high. So, all of this needs to factored into any car that is purchased.

Beyond this, a Pre-Purchase Inspection is always a good idea when thinking of purchasing any high end older car. Doing so can help make sure you save a lot of money in the future and / or give you negotiation leverage.

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5 Things That Suck About Ferrari Ownership

By   August 24, 2014

Ferrari 458 Speciale

Ferrari 458 Speciale

Owning a Ferrari is a wonderful experience. The cars are great drives and they make you feel special whenever you get behind the wheel. You also have plenty of people admire you car wherever you go (unless perhaps you live in a place like LA, where they are a fairly common sight).

However, everything about owning a Ferrari is not perfect. We have put together a list of 5 things that suck about owning a Ferrari.

5. Very Low Ride

Many Ferraris sit very low to the ground. This is a great thing at the track or on well maintained highways, but in the real world it can be a problem. We witnessed this first hand last weekend as we saw multiple Ferraris (most where 458s) go into a drive way to turn around. Both on entry and exit of the driveway the cars scraped the ground. This is a problem with many high end sports cars and not solely those wearing prancing horse, but it would be nice to have some better engineering when it comes to lifting the front end (you can buy this on the after market for many models).

4. They Just Sit In The Garage

Ferraris are special cars that when you drive them brings a sense of occasion. Having said this, the problem is that they often spend a lot of time in a garage. This is a large reason why you find many from the ’80s that still have well under 30,000 original miles on them.

The cars are great to drive, but usually they aren’t driven more than once a week. They are very different that say a Corvette that one would use as a daily driver. This is partly because of not wanting to park the car just anywhere and partly because they are so special that you don’t want to have to stop for very long when driving.

3. Too Flashy

A Ferrari is a status symbol that says I have a lot of money. This makes them a bit flashy and many are put off by people that own them.

Other performance cars like Porsches and Corvettes don’t have as much of the same problem as they are more common. In many parts of the country a Ferrari (or Lamborghini or McLaren for that matter) is a very, very rare sight.

2. Maintenance

Maintenance costs on a Ferrari can be very high. Perhaps this is another reason that you don’t see too many daily drivers. Some models actually require that the engine be removed every 10,000 miles to perform maintenance items.

One can learn to do some things themselves, but when you do have to take it into the shop to get fixed, prepare to open your wallet very wide.

This is a reason that even though you can buy an affordable Ferrari, you need to be able to truly afford the car before making the purchase. So, you have to be prepared to lay down some serious cash to get your Italian sports car back on the road.

1. Not Many Places To Use Their Performance

This is true of most high performance cars, but it can be an even bigger deal with an Italian exotic. Some Ferraris do fine at lower speeds and they are still enjoyable on the road (although they are most enjoyed on a track). However, some of the higher performance models can be a bit touchy for the road and many have been known to overheat when sitting in traffic too long.

An extreme modern case would be the F12berlineta. The cars is powered by a monster V12 that puts out over 700 horsepower. While you can drive it on the road at normal speeds, all that power really needs a track or an unrestricted road to fully be enjoyed.

5 Reasons It Rocks To Drive A Ferrari

By   August 20, 2014


Nothing is Quite Like Driving a Ferrari

There are many great makes out there, but few are quite as exclusive as Ferrari. To own a car wearing the prancing horse is something that only a relative few are able to say. The car is a high performance status symbol that shows the world that you are at the top of your industry and are able to enjoy the finer things in life.

We have put together a list of 5 reasons that it rocks to drive a Ferrari.

5. Racing Pedigree

Enzo Ferrari was famously known for saying that his company sells street cars to fund the company’s racing teams. Racing is a huge part of what they do and historically where would Formula 1 be without Ferrari?

Even for their road cars racing is beneficial. There have been plenty of technologies that were pioneered on the track and then moved over to their street cars. Plus with their also competing in endurance racing they have been able to build more reliable cars as of late (which was not always the case with their cars).

4. The Ferrari Sound

The exhaust sound of a Ferrari is very distinct and is like a symphony to the ears. In their V12 models this is taken to the next level, but even their V8s have a wonderful tone. The sound is higher pitched than say an American muscle car, but not hollow like a Japanese tuned vehicle.

It is just a very pleasant sound that makes the driver feel like they are on the track, even when just cruising on the highway. It begs you to go a bit faster and rewards you when you do (just remember we don’t advocate speeding, so watch the speed limit on public roads).

3. Economic Stature

Few other things tell people that you are a man of means quite like owing a Ferrari. Even if you buy an older more affordable model, most people will think you payed at least $150,000 for the car. This also gives people the impression that you are successful at what you do and owning a prancing horse can even raise your stock in some companies.

2. Breathtaking Italian Styling

Ferrari has made some if the most iconic and beautiful cars ever. Pininfarina is responsible for many of these wonderful designs. The lines are uniques and beautiful while still giving the impressions of speed.

When you see a Ferrari it looks like it is driving fast even when parked. However, unlike their neighbor Lamborghini, the styling is never over the top or vulgar. They are truly a work of art that could easily be on display at a top gallery.

1. Ferrari’s Exotic Performance

A Ferrari is a true Italian exotic sports car. Even with the great styling and it being a status symbol there is still one main reason to buy one of these Italian machines. Simply put, performance. Over the years most cars wearing a prancing horse were among the fastest that you can purchase.

The performance of these cars can only truly be appreciated on a track. That is the only real opportunity to see what their sports cars can do. The few that are brave enough to track a Ferrari know just how amazing these cars really are when driven at the limit (just don’t wreck it or you will get a very large bill).

Price Guide: 1977-1985 Ferrari 308 GTS Current Market Value

By   April 9, 2014

Ferrari 308 GTS

The Ferrari 308 GTS is Currently a Very Affordable Ferrari

The iconic Ferrari 308 GTS is a favorite sports car from late ’70s and early ’80s. The Italian machine was made a legend on the hit TV show Magnum P.I. Because of the car’s popularity a lot were produced (at least by the standards of the Prancing Horse).

This has helped make the 308 GTS one of the most affordable Ferraris that you can buy. Of course a “cheap” Ferrari will still cost you plenty to upkeep.

Average yearly maintenance costs will run you between $700-$1,000 and about every three years you’ll be needing more major maintenance and that will cost you around $2,500-$3,000. And that isn’t mentioning a complete brake job which can cost you around $5,000!

So, while the price of admission is lower with a 308 GTS, you still must be prepared for high maintenance costs. Of course if you can do much of this maintenance yourself you will save plenty of money, but keep in mind that unless you have worked on cars like this before,there may be a steep learning curve.

Performance of the 308 was world class in its day. Depending on the year of the car, performance specs have it able to go 0-60 mph in as fast as the 6 second range. While no match for today’s sports cars, that is still plenty quick to keep up with modern traffic.

With these cars being more affordable but maintenance costs still being higher, it currently doesn’t normally make sense to restore one. Because of this we recommend that you buy a well maintained car without a lot of needs.

As with any used high performance car a pre-purchase inspection is a must. Having one could save you thousands of dollars in future repairs.

Depending on the year of the car, condition and mileage prices can range quite a bit. Below are the current market values for these Ferraris based on various sources.

1977-1980 Ferrari 308 GTS (Carburated) current prices range from $20,000-$40,000
1980-1982 Ferrari 308 GTS (2 valve fuel injected) current prices range from $20,000-$35,000
1983-1984 Ferrari 308 GTS QV (4 valve fuel injected a.k.a. Quattrovalvole cars) current prices range from $25,000-$60,000

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