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Just How Much Faster Are Cars Now Than In The Mid-80’s

By   May 28, 2018

Porsche 959

Porsche 959

Automotive technology has come a long way. Much of what we see in cars today started with exotic cars from the mid-80’s. From early two-turbocharger setups, all-wheel drive setups and ride adjustment, these are all things that are common in cars today, but back about 30 years ago these were new concepts. Some of them came from a necessity to meet stricter fuel consumption and emission laws.

Today it is normal to see cars pumping out well over 300 horsepower without thinking much of it. Back in the mid-80’s when the Porsche 959 was introduced it made 444 horsepower, which was considered enormous power at the time. That figure is now bested by a Ford Mustang GT.

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