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The Porsche Guide For Tall People

By   June 14, 2018

Porsche 356

Porsche 356

I was recently approached by a coworker asking if I knew if a taller person can drive a Porsche 356 comfortably. He is about 6’4” tall and enjoys motorcycles and wants to get into sports cars. He is hoping to purchase a classic 356 coupe.

He mentioned that he wasn’t sure if such a small car would fit him. He knows that I’ve had the chance to drive all of Porsche’s modern sports car lineup and that my daily driver is an early Porsche Boxster. His opinion of the Boxster is that he definitely couldn’t fit into it, but this is all based on the outside appearance and not sitting inside.

So, can a taller driver enjoy driving a Porsche?

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What Do You Think Of A Corvette Engine In A Porsche

By   May 30, 2018

Porsche 911

Porsche 911

We’ve noticed somewhat of a trend lately, folks swapping Corvette V8’s into Porsche’s. We’ve seen some Porsche Boxster builds, some 944 builds and some 911 builds all with a big American V8 powering the performance machine.

Now there is a lot of controversy about such things. Many purists of any manufacture think it is wrong to put an engine from another marquee in the car. After all the engine is the heart of the car and as such shouldn’t you use the power plant that was intended?

But, is there room for such builds and do they make sense?

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How Much Is A Chevy LS6 V8 Powered Porsche 944 Turbo Worth?

By   March 16, 2018

Chevy LS6 Powered Porsche 944

Chevy LS6 V8 Powered Porsche 944

Just the thought of putting a Chevy V8 in a Porsche is enough to make any purist sick. For most of us a Porsche just isn’t a Porsche without an engine from the German performance car maker (or at least from VW / Audi).

The Porsche 944 Turbo is already a pretty fast car. Especially, when you consider the time period that the 944 Turbo was produced.

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The 5 Best Bargain Porsches – Part 1: The Porsche 944

By   February 13, 2018

Porsche 944 S2

A Porsche 944 S2

When it comes to sports cars there are a few marquees that show you have made it. Included in this list are Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche. Of these three Porsche is the most attainable of the bunch, yet they build cars that rival the performance of the Italian cars we mentioned. All this while largely being dependable and relatively practical, for the type of car.

New Porsche sports cars, even the “entry level” Cayman (for those not aware the Boxster now sits above the Cayman in the model lineup) are too expensive for most folks (with the 718 Cayman starting at over $55,000 and you know you’ll want some options on top of that). Fortunately, the used market provides enthusiasts with plenty of options. Below are what we think are curt the best 5 bargains for those looking for an affordable Porsche. This list includes cars that can be found in fair condition for low as $3,500. This means Porsche ownership is available to just about anyone in the market for a sports car.

Over the next few weeks we’ll highlight the below models with their current market value as well as common issues that you need to know about before purchasing a cheap Porsche. If you haven’t subscribed to Daily Rides do so now to make sure you don’t miss an article (scroll down to the end of this article to signup).

  1. Porsche 944
  2. Porsche 914
  3. Porsche 928
  4. Porsche Boxster (986)
  5. Porsche 911 (996)

Today’s post will cover the incredibly handling Porsche 944.

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Should You Consider Buying Cars As An Investment

By   April 2, 2017

Porsche 912 Targa

Porsche 912 Targa

We love cars, but are they a good investment? Should you dump your stock portfolio and plan to use classic cars for your retirement? Why do so many wealthy people invest in cars? These questions and questions like them are all over the internet, but is it a good idea to buy an automobile now to hope you can sell it for a large profit at a later date?

The answer to if cars are a good investment is more complex than it may first appear. We know that with a few exceptions a modern car will keep depreciating for about 30 years and in some cases longer. However, normally after this depreciation values will start to stabilize and then follow an upward trend.

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