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Chris Brown’s Lamborghini Aventador Found Wrecked

By   January 29, 2017

Chris Brown's Lamborghini

Chris Brown’s Lamborghini

Chris Brown is not new to making headlines and not always for the right reasons. It is well known that the rapper has a number of expensive exotic automobiles including the above pictured Lamborghini Aventador. The Italian supercar can now be bought for half price as only half the car remains.

According to reports the car was found by police in the wrecked condition you see here after being abandoned in Beverly Hills. The driver was not found and Chris Brown apparently wasn’t aware that the car was missing.

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Video: 2016 Porsche 911 Carrera Prototype After A Crash

By   February 22, 2015

2016 Porsche 911 Prototype

2016 Porsche 911 Prototype

We have all heard that the rumors of the new 2016 Porsche 911 Carrera using a smaller turbocharged engine are true. Due to more strict government regulations for fuel efficiency and emissions, Porsche will now have their entire sports car lineup use turbocharged engines, outside of the ultra high performance variants (i.e. The GT3 and GT4 models).

As the new 911 models will be making its debut in the near future, the German performance car maker has been testing the new car. The prototypes have been caught testing on the streets of Germany, wearing minimal camouflage.

In this video a new 911 was caught testing on the street. The car was hard to miss as it was in a minor accident. The footage shows most of the details of the new rear-engined sports car and you can see the damage that was done in the crash.

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Even A Brand New Dodge Challenger (Or Porsche) Is Only A Possession

By   September 24, 2014

Dodge Challenger After an Accident

Out New Dodge Challenger After an Accident

About a month ago my family purchased a new Dodge Challenger. The American Muscle car is fun to drive and yet has plenty of space in the back seat to fit children (in fact I have sat back there with plenty of leg room).

But about a week ago something happened to remind me that any car (including something special like a 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7) is just a possession. It is easy to get caught up in high performance machines and the fun that they are to drive, but sometimes it is good to remember that there are more important things.

As you probably gathered from the above picture our brand new Challenger was in a car accident. My wife (with our two boys in the back) was driving the car to meet me for lunch and stopped at a red light. When the light turned green all the cars started moving as did my wife. She looked down at something and traffic came to a sudden stop, by the time she looked up she couldn’t help running into the back of a Chevy Silverado.

The truck had very little damage, but because it had a tow hitch attached it did a decent amount of damage to the Dodge. Which resulted in the need to replace most of the front panels as well as replace the radiator and air conditioner compressor.

Thankfully, the Lord was watching out for my wife and children and there were no serious injuries from anybody in either car. Having to deal with an accident and wait two weeks to get your car back is a hassle. But, had it been a higher speed accident things may have been worse.

When things like this happen to you it is a sobering reminder that your family being safe is much more important than any car (even if it was my Porsche). Cars are fun and I enjoy everything about them, but they are just possessions.

No matter if it is a car show or working on a car with your boys (or girls) , special machines can bring people together. However, we must remember that it is the people that you enjoy the time with that matter most.

So, enjoy that pride and joy in your garage, but do it with the people that you love because they matter much more.

Ferrari Racing Days Ends With Incident Filled Race

By   September 3, 2013

Ferrari Racing Days

Ferrari Racing Days

The Ferrari Racing Days event happened this past weekend and had a lot of action for racing fans of the Prancing Horse. The event was held in Germany and was the place to be for Ferrari enthusiasts throughout Europe. There were a number of races held over the weekend and a lot of great cars to see both on the track and on display.

One of the more entertaining races happened on the final day of the event. The Ferrari Challenge Europe took to the track in an indent filled race. It all started with an early crash that happened at the first corner of the track. The accident involved the back half of the racing grid and that was just to start the race.

Through all the incidents Dirk Adamski managed to get the victory. The weekend was a great one for any fan of the Italian sports car maker and next year should be another good one.

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Press Release

The sun shone on the final day of Ferrari Racing Days at the Hockenheim Circuit where the crowds numbered over 5,000. Dirk Adamski took a second victory in an incident filled second Coppa Shell Race and Philip Baron scored a vital first victory for his Octane 126 team.

The second race of the weekend for Coppa Shell had hardly got started when the safety car was deployed due to a first corner accident involving much of the last half of the grid. As local hero Dirk Adamski showed the following field a clean pair of heels seven cars were tangled up in the first corner smash including Britain’s Rupert Martin who was launched into the air. Despite the damage all drivers walked away unscathed.

By the time the safety car released the field there was just over 13 minutes of the race remaining. The order was Adamski, Vincenzo Sauto and Thomas Kukucka. Sauto received a drive through penalty for an infringement during the first start, which demoted him to 8th and eventually 11th. Adamski couldn’t be beaten and new driver Kukucka joined him on the podium with Erich Prinoth taking third.

Adamski take a commanding lead in the championship with 153 points from David Gostner, who finished fourth. Ukrainian Driver Andrii Lebed has made a late charge in the season standing third with 107 points.

The second race of the Trofeo Pirelli was a much calmer affair, despite another first corner accident which only involved two cars. In addition Dario Caso had failed to start the race, despite the best efforts of his team, after a heavy frontal impact in qualifying.

Daniel Mancinelli took avoiding accident at the first turn and managed to move from eighth to third in the doing. Sergey Chukanov also made up good grid places, despite the delayed start seeing him in a small accident which cracked the radiator. Baron put aside all his problems from yesterday and with five minutes left to run the order stood Baron Mancinelli, Chukanov and it would remain so for the final laps. This meant that Baron’s Octane 126 team scored not only a first pole position, but followed it with a vital first win – he stands fourth in the championship.

Mancinelli’s first lap manoeuvre may be crucial in the championship, he takes the lead from Chukanov but by just one point (123 to 122). The unlucky Dario Caso retains his third place position with 97 points. Ferrari Challenge Europe now moves on to Imola, Italy on the 28th and 29th September.

The crowds in Germany were also able to enjoy practice sessions from the F1 Clienti cars and the XX Programme, over 1,000 Ferrari road cars of all models, alongside a stunning F1 show with the 2009 car driven by Ferrari test driver Marc Gené.

A Tragic Day At The Canada Grand Prix

By   June 10, 2013

Tragedy Strikes The Canada Grand Prix

Tragedy Strikes The Canada Grand Prix

The Canada Grand Prix Formula One race that was held this last weekend was overshadowed by tragedy. An accident that required a crane ended up ending the life of a marshal for the race. The crane accidental ran over the marshal while it was working to remove Gutierrez’s Sauber.

Because of the tragedy many racing drivers have sent their condolences to the family of the marshal. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family during this hard time.

Press Release

Monza in 2000, Melbourne in 2001 and now Montreal. In the final phase of yesterday’s Canadian Grand Prix a marshal suffered fatal injuries after being run over by a crane that was removing Gutierrez’s Sauber. “There can be no reason to celebrate,” tweeted a sad Alonso when he heard the news and he is absolutely right. The winners and losers from this seventh round of the championship, along with the workers and the fans who watched the race from the grandstands or on television are all thinking of someone who lost their life in an absurd way while involved in what was surely their passion, racing. Indeed, without the work of people like him, events like Formula 1 grands prix could not even take place. Ferrari wishes to express its condolences for the death of this track marshal too: we are doing it here, via the internet, to invite everyone who shares our passion for motor sport to be thinking of the family and friends of the victim.