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The Fast And The Furious Effect Helps Japanese Future Classic Values

By   June 20, 2018

Nissan Skyline

Nissan Skyline

For many years old Japanese automobiles were not very valuable (with very few exceptions). Part of the issue is many early imports were not built as well as more recent vehicles.

The Fast and Furious movies changed all of that perception in 2001. Values of many Japanese performance cars have begun to raise in value, making them cars to look into as investments.

The folks over at ClassicCars.com have put together some data on future classic Japanese performance cars to watch.

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Ford To Bring New And Old GT To The Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion

By   July 30, 2015

New Ford GT and Classic Ford GT40s

New Ford GT and Classic Ford GT40s

Staring on August 13th and going until the 16th Laguna Seca will be where a racing enthusiast will want to be. At the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion folks will get a chance to see historic race cars and the men that drove many of them take to the track.

Getting to see vintage racers on the in action instead of just on display is a rare treat. But what about the future of the performance car? They have that covered at Automotive Alley.

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Video: 2015 Acura NSX Caught Test At The Nurburgring

By   July 23, 2014

2015 Acura NSX

2015 Acura NSX

The Acura NSX (a.k.a. Honda NSX) is a new version of the legendary Japanese supercar. Once again it will be a fast mid-engined sports car that aims to compete with the likes of Ferrari and McLaren.

Unlike the original NSX, this time around the car will be a plug-in hybrid that will use a V6 engine as well as electronic motors. The “Japanese” performance machine will have much of its production and development done in the United States as well as other countries.

The new hybrid supercar was caught driving at the Nurburgring. This video shows the car as it is being put through its paces at the track. You can hear a bit of its engine, but the tire squeal does overpower it in the footage. The car is wearing camouflage, but you get a good idea of what it will look like.

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Acura NSX To Drive At Mid-Ohio Track

By   July 25, 2013

Acura NSX will Drive at the Mid-Ohio Track

Acura NSX will Drive at the Mid-Ohio Track

The Acura NSX is one of the most anticipated supercars to come out of Japan in quite a while. The car has been in the works for sometime and even made an appearance in the last Avengers movie. That car was actually a ’90s NSX with a new body kit on it (and apparently you couldn’t drive it over 10 mph or body panels would come apart).

Well, Acura has announced that an NSX prototype will be driving on the track before the Honda Indy 200 IndyCar race that will be held on August 4th. The race will be run at the Mid-Ohio race track in Lexington, Ohio.

The new V6 all-wheel drive hybrid super car is scheduled to launch in 2015. Although it is being produced by a Japanese company, the engineers for the project are based in Raymond, Ohio. Because of this it is no surprise that the prototype will drive on the Mid-Ohio track.

Coverage of the Honda Indy 200 IndyCar race is scheduled to begin at 3 pm EDT on the NBC Sports Network. Be sure to tune it at the very beginning to see if they show some footage of the new NSX.

Let us know what you think of the new Acura NSX in the comments below.

Press Release

Acura today released an image of a prototype NSX supercar, announcing that the running prototype will take to the racetrack just prior to the Honda Indy 200 IndyCar Series race at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio. The NSX prototype with custom graphics will lap the road course in advance of the race on August 4, 2013. The race will be broadcast live by NBC Sports Network starting at 3 p.m. EDT.

Global development of the NSX, slated for launch in 2015, is being led by engineers at Honda R&D Americas, Inc. in Raymond, Ohio. Additionally, it was announced in May that the next-generation Acura supercar will be produced at the newly established Performance Manufacturing Center in nearby Marysville, Ohio.

The prototype model maintains the styling and proportions of the NSX Concept that debuted at the 2012 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, while packaging the production vehicle’s mid-mounted V-6 engine mated to Acura’s innovative new three-motor Sport Hybrid SH-AWD (Super Handling All Wheel Drive) system.

New Acura NSX To Be Manufactured In Ohio

By   May 15, 2013

Acura NSX Concept

New Acura NSX

The new Acura NSX supercar will be produced in a new manufacturing center in Ohio. The facility will cost $70 million dollars to build and will be located near Honda’s existing research and development operation and their production engineering operation. The Japanese car maker had wanted to build cars in North America for over 30 years and now their new supercar will be made in North America.

In addition to announcing the location of the building of the new supercar it was also announced that Honda R&D Americas Chief Engineer, Ted Klaus, will oversee the development. He will be guiding a global team developing the new car.

The new Acura NSX will feature a mid-engine V6 engine. That by itself, doesn’t seem like much, but when coupled with the hybrid system high performance is promised. Official performance specifications have not yet been released, but we should start to hear more about this as development begins.

Press Release

Acura today announced that the all-new NSX supercar will be produced at a new Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohio, a $70 million advanced production facility encompassing 184,000 square feet to be housed inside Honda’s former North American Logistics facility and located in the midst of Honda’s existing R&D and production engineering operations.

The site for the new production facility, which will be Honda’s third auto plant in Ohio, is only a few miles from the Honda R&D Americas, Inc. Ohio Center that is engineering the supercar for production and adjacent to Honda of America Mfg.’s Marysville Auto Plant. The Performance Manufacturing Center also is close to Honda Engineering North America, Inc., center for the development of new production technologies.

A part of Honda of America, the Performance Manufacturing Center will be a unique manufacturing operation that will employ approximately 100 highly skilled manufacturing associates drawn from within Honda’s existing operations in Ohio. In addition, associates at Honda’s engine plant in Anna, Ohio, will assemble the NSX powertrain.

“Thirty years ago, building cars in America was a big dream. Working together, here in Ohio and across North America we turned this dream into reality,” said Hidenobu Iwata, president & CEO of Honda of America and the head of Honda’s manufacturing operations in North America. “The location of this facility is in the midst of one of the greatest collections of engineering and production talent in the world. So it makes sense that we will renew the dream and build this high-tech, supercar in Marysville, Ohio.”

In addition to the plant location, Honda announced that Honda R&D Americas chief engineer Ted Klaus is leading the global team developing the new NSX, and Clement D’ Souza, associate chief engineer at Honda of America, is leading the team that will bring NSX to mass production in 2015.

“This new plant will be as unique as the vehicle we will build here,” said D’Souza. “In creating the plan for this plant, we looked closely at each process and determined the perfect blend of associate craftsmanship and technology to adopt a new approach to manufacturing.”

The Acura NSX Concept was on display at the event, attended by local community and government leaders, including Ohio Governor John Kasich, showcasing the NSX’s low and wide stance that will help fulfill the Acura brand product direction centered on the synergy between man and machine.

The new NSX is being developed by a global R&D team led by designers and engineers at Honda R&D Americas, Inc. located in Los Angeles, Calif., and Raymond, Ohio. The NSX will feature a unique powertrain and body structure to provide an incredible driving experience. It will be powered by a mid-mounted V-6 engine mated to Acura’s innovative new Sport Hybrid SH-AWD (Super Handling All Wheel Drive) system.

“We have a very clear understanding of the high customer expectations luxury buyers around the world have for a supercar, and our challenge is to exceed them and create new value for the customer,” said Klaus. “This new Performance Manufacturing Center will be key to this challenge.”

Once selected, the team of production associates at the Performance Manufacturing Center will begin training and establishing manufacturing processes that will be used to build the all-new NSX. The next generation NSX will be built exclusively at the all-new Performance Manufacturing Center. In addition to being sold in North America, the NSX will be exported to customers throughout the world.

The original Acura NSX was built at the Takanezawa Plant in Japan from 1990 until production moved to the Suzuka Plant in early 2004, where it was produced until 2005. Part of the Tochigi Factory, the Takanezawa Plant was the first manufacturing facility in the world to mass-produce an all-aluminum body and balance advanced production equipment with hands-on “craftsman” processes.