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Vintage Porsche Boxster Ad Shows Why Life Is Better With A Sports Car

By   April 5, 2018

Porsche Boxster Ad

Porsche Boxster Ad

Cars are a large part of our lives. The automobile allows freedom, but cars can come in two flavors. They can either be boring or can add excitement to your life.

For many of us a car is a utilitarian machine. It’s all about getting from point a to point b while hauling our things. But, if you are thinking that way you may be missing something huge.

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Video: Is This Camaro Wearing The Best Advertising Job Ever

By   August 7, 2014

This Street Camaro Racing Livery is all One Big Advertisement

This Street Camaro Wearing Racing Livery is all One Big Advertisement

Earlier this week we spotted the car in this video outside of our office. We walked over to it to take a closer look at what looked like a Chevrolet Camaro wearing racing livery, complete with sponsors.

As we got closer we found out that it was actually an advertisement for a local camera shop. They were cleaver in how they placed things, such as the number on the doors that as you got closer, you realized said that it was the shop’s “77th anniversary”.

We’ve seen plenty of advertising for stores or services on cars, but the racing theme made this one special. It really helped to catch your eye.

We think it is the best road going vehicle advertising that we have seen. But, what do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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