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What Country Makes The Best Cars – Your Daily Answers

By   September 22, 2016

Porsche, Lamborghini, Ford, Lexus and Aston Martin

Porsche, Lamborghini, Ford, Lexus and Aston Martin

Our last questions was which country makes the best cars? Below are the comments that we found most interesting.

Each weekday we ask you a performance and/or luxury car question. After you submit your answers in the comments we post those that we think stood out most. Keep reading to see what you said to yesterday’s question.

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The Porsche 911 RS America; A More Focused Sports Car

By   April 4, 2016

Porsche 911 RS America

Porsche 911 RS America

Back in the early 90’s the type 964 Porsche 911 RS America was the performance focused machine from the German performance car maker. The RS America saw a good amount of weight reduction with unneeded items removed, such as the rear-seats and sound deadening.

The RS America is a no frills drive that just begs to be driven on the track. It’s an analog driving experience that is about as pure as you can having in a car.

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Patrick Dempsey Balancing Grey’s Anatomy With Wold Endurance Championship Races

By   April 11, 2015

Patrick Dempsey Getting Ready to Race a Porsche

TV, Movie and Racing Star, Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey is a pretty big TV and movie star. He has also become a very good racing driver, currently racing the Dempsey Racing #58 Porsche 911 GT America in United Sportscar Racing and the #77 Porsche 911 RSR in the Worlde Endurance Championship (WEC). In fact his competing has become more of his passion as of late.

But how hard is it to balance such busy schedules and make sure to do both? On a given weekend he can be shooting an episode of Grey’s Anatomy in the states and then need to fly to Europe for a race, then potentially start the cycle all over again.

Click past the jump (or scroll down if you came directly to the full article) to see just how busy Mr. Dempsey is balancing his racing and film life.

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Last Night’s Top Gear Made Me Cry Over a Porsche 928

By   February 13, 2013

us top gear

I don’t often cry when watching TV or movies, but last night was one of those times. I was watching the latest episode of US Top Gear and cried because of what was done to what appeared to be a pretty nice Porsche 928. While the car wasn’t 100% original (it had a racing seat and some aftermarket pieces) it still looked like a pretty nice car (at least on TV) that could have been returned to stock fairly easily (again from what was actually visible on TV) if one wanted.

The show featured the guys creating their own RVs out of ordinary cars (if that sounds familiar it is because UK Top Gear had done this in the past). In my opinion it was one of the more entertaining US Top Gear episodes and is worth a watch. If you didn’t get to watch the full episode you can watch the full episode at the link below.

Click here to watch the full episode.

After you watch the episode come back here and let us know what you think about what was done to that Porsche 928 in the comments below.

The Chevy Corvette: America’s Sports Car

By   January 30, 2013

Performance vehicle enthusiasts often consider the Chevrolet Corvette to be America’s only legitimate sports car. This vehicle is one of the most renowned nameplates in the world. In addition to this, the nameplate is also one of the longest running in the performance vehicle category. The Corvette had relatively humble beginnings as a six cylinder vehicle back in 1953. Today the ZR1 boasts a 638 hp capacity. Though this car has seen significant transformation over the years, It has stayed true to its fundamental aspects including the performance and style that distinguish it as a top grade performance vehicle.

The latest installment in this tradition is offered in a variety of trim levels. These include the base Corvette, the Z06, the Grand Sport as well as the ZR1. Both the Grand Sport as well as the base Corvette are offered with a removable roof coupe option in addition to the convertible body option. The Z06 as well as the ZR1 are extremely high performance vehicles which only come with the fixed roof option.

Both the base Corvette and the Grand Sport are equipped with a 430 horsepower, 6.2 litre V-8 engine. Both these vehicles also offer drivers the option of either a six speed manual or automatic transmission. The 505 horsepower Z06 has a 7 litre V-8 engine and, unlike the base corvette and the Grand Sport, The Z06 is only offered with a manual transmission. The ZR1, which is the most powerful of the four trim levels, comes with a 6.2 litre V-8 engine that packs a 638 horsepower punch. This model also has a six speed manual transmission.

In my opinion and in that of a lot of other performance vehicle enthusiasts, it is quite possible to drive this car on a daily basis rather than just on weekends or special occasions. The ergonomics in the cockpit are pretty comfortable. Additionally, the vehicle’s hatchback body offers significant cargo space. The base Corvette offers the option of either the Magnetic Ride Control suspension or the Sport and Touring suspension. These options enable this vehicle to accommodate a variety of preferences while still providing a relatively smooth driving experience. This performance vehicle earns rave reviews regarding its style, its fuel consumption as well as the all around driving experience it offers.

Corvette Z06

Vehicle enthusiasts who are interested in the purchase of previously owned Corvette models have a variety of options from which which they can choose to make their purchase. Resources like Carzoos offer potential buyers the convenience of browsing through available options in their comfort of their own home. There are also plenty of dealers and private sellers to choose from.

One of the options available to enthusiasts looking for a used Corvette, is the current generation C6 Corvette which debuted in 2005. This model boasts a variety of performance enhancements to previous models. A few of these enhancements include an improved build quality and a suspension that was completely revamped. This revamped suspension offers a smooth ride as well as sharp handling. The C6 also marked the return of exposed headlamps. The last time exposed headlamps were used prior to the C6 was in 1962.When this model was debuted, it boasted a 400 horsepower 6 litre V-8 engine. Any enthusiast who is interested in a used performance vehicle that offers daily driver usability, should give serious consideration to a model from this generation.


Photos Credit: Martin Jakobsen; Minoru Nitta / Flickr