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Become Rich And Famous Writing About Cars

By   March 12, 2014

You Could Become Rich and Famous Writing About the Cars You Love

You Could Become Rich and Famous Writing About the Cars You Love

Have you ever wanted to be rich and famous? Would you like to be the next Jeremy Clarkson?

Well you could do it with a lot of hard work and some talent mixed in with exposure (which we will talk about in a moment). While most automotive journalists don’t become rich or famous, most are able make ends meet while driving and writing about cars that they are passionate about.

Many of these had to spend much time in school and work hard just to get their first job. Fortunately for you, there is now this thing called the Internet which allows for anybody to share their writings.

However, just writing about cars won’t get you anywhere if nobody reads your work. We have a solution to this problem.

We are allowing anybody to write on this blog providing they follow our posting rules and write good quality content or share timely news. This gives you access to our large audience. Plus if you become a top regular contributor we are offering revenue sharing.

This then makes it possible to start down the long road to becoming rich and famous as an Automotive journalist (although as we all know most will not become rich and famous, but you may at least get press passes and to drive some cool cars).

So, if you want to write about cars for a living, then you can start writing here.

Two New Tools For Automotive Enthusiasts

By   May 23, 2013

Automotive Parts Finder

Two New Useful Tools For Automotive Enthusiasts

We would like to let you know of two new useful tools that we have just launched, an Automotive Specs Finder and an Automotive Parts Finder. Each of these tools is to help our readers do things that automotive enthusiasts like or need to do online. These are the first tools that we will be adding, but we are working on more new tools for the future.

Automotive Specs Finder

Our car specs finder tool will help you find specifications of most cars from 1943-2013. If you are like us you often find yourself wondering how fast a certain Ferrari is from 0 to 60 mph versus a certain Porsche. The specifications include things such as horsepower, torque, 0 to 60mph time and top speed. The tool allows you to search for the car you are interested in and then get all the information. We hope that you will find it useful.

You can go to our Car Specs tool here.

Automotive Parts Finder

With our new Automotive Parts Finder we have made partnerships with multiple well known auto parts dealers (and will continue to add more in the future) and have tapped into their parts catalogs. The parts finder allows for you to search for the car parts that you need from multiple dealers, so you can compare prices quickly and easily.

You can go to our Automotive Parts Finder tool here. Or you can use one of the below links to get your search started.

Our hope is that these tools as well as tools that are in the works will be useful to all of our readers. We will continue to refine each tool and we look forward to hearing feedback from you on how each tool could be improved in the future.

Jaguar, Ferrari, Bugatti And Much More At The Peterson Museum – Video

By   February 26, 2013

The Peterson Museum is a place that any automotive enthusiast needs to visit if they visit the Los Angeles area. The museum was founded by the makers of popular automotive enthusiast magazines such as Hot Rod and Motor Trend. The cars in the museum are some of the best classic and historic cars that you are likely to see in one place.

The above video features a tour of the museum’s vault which is currently being allowed visitors as well as the rest of the museum. The cars highlighted in the video include a Ferrari presented to Henry Ford the 2nd from Enzo Ferrari, Steve McQueen’s Jaguar XK-SS and a 939 Bugatti Type 57C just to name a few. There is also footage of a lot of other cars including a Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, an early Corvette and Speed Racer’s Mach 5 to name just a few of the cars that are in the background. The video is interesting, but you really have to visit the museum to get the full taste of what it has to offer.

Trouble viewing the video? Click here.