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Video: A Look Inside The Brakes Used By Porsche And Ferrari

By   January 8, 2014

Brembo Brakes Stop Everything from Porsches to Ferraris

Brembo Brakes Stop Everything Including Porsches to Ferraris

There aren’t many car parts that are more or less household names, however Brembo is one name that most people have at least heard of. The Italian brake maker currently makes brakes for various race cars, performance cars like Porsches and Ferraris, Motorcycles and everything in between.

The first automobile company that the company started making parts for was Porsche. It was this partnership that let Brembo show how good their brakes were. Now if you buy a Corvette, Ferrari or Cadillac it will likely have brakes from Brembo. They even help stop Formula One cars, so they no a thing or two about stopping an object at speed.

This video gives a brief history of the Italian company and then shows how they design and make their parts. It then talks about some future advancements that they are working on.

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