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Lotus Evora 400 Lightens Up With New Carbon Pack

By   August 20, 2016

Lotus Evora With Carbon Package

Lotus Evora 400 with Carbon Pack

Most would already consider a Lotus Evora 400 a pretty light weight car. But the British sports car maker was founded on the idea of adding lightness. Where other companies add horsepower to makeup for heavy options, Lotus figures out what drivers can do without or what can be produced lighter.

That’s where the new Carbon Pack comes into play. With the lightweight options the weight of the Evora 400 goes down to 2,983 lbs from 3,073 lbs. a savings of 93 lbs. By today’s standards that is very light, but it does seem heavy for a Lotus. The Evora 400 uses its 400 horsepower power plant to make up for this extra weight.

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