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Is This V8 Powered Porsche 911 A Look Into The Future – Video

By   May 14, 2013

A V8 Powered Porsche 911

For some time people have wondered how long the Porsche 911 will remain using a flat-six engine. At some point you reach the displacement limit and many think that the German sports car maker will eventually go to an eight-cylinder engine. Well, one Porsche enthusiast has decided to turn his 911 into a V8 powered monster.

This video shows the car that has been stripped to weigh just 2,300 lbs and was dynoed at 705 horsepower. The car is wearing turbo badging and looks like it probably started off as a 964. The rear-engined sports cars has a modified Chevy LS7 V8 in the back and it really takes up the entire engine bay. While the purist in me cringes at the sight of an American V8 in the back of that car, I’m sure it is crazy fast.

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