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Is The Porsche 959 A 911 In Disguise?

By   August 14, 2013

Is the Porsche 959 realy just a 911

Is the Porsche 959 realy just a 911

This past weekend we posted our list of the 5 Best Non-911 Production Porsches and we had a lot of passionate people make comments about the list. There was a lot of discussion about why the 928 was left off the list and why the 959 was put on the list. We’ll talk about the 928 issue later today (we will be putting up a poll to see what you think), but now we want to address why the Porsche 959 was on the list.

So, was the 959 really just a thinly disguised 911? Below is the argument made by one passionate commenter that goes by Porsche911Nut.

959 is a Porsche 911 model designation… The Porsche 911 961 is the racing counterpart of the Porsche 911 959.

Taken from “How Stuff Works”


Motor Trend aptly termed this 911-based uberwagen “the fastest, most technologically advanced sports car in history.” Said Car and Driver, “The 959 can accomplish almost any automotive mission so well that to call it perfect is the mildest of overstatements.” No less amazing, it remains a performance and technical benchmark even now.

More than just the “ultimate 911″ to that point, it was the ultimate roadgoing Porsche, the sum of all Zuffenhausen had learned about production sports cars in its first 40 years. No wonder the Porsche 959 was such a towering achievement or that it pioneered features that have since become commonplace.

He makes a very compelling argument and we internally had a lot of discussion on if to include it on the list or not. So, here is basically why we decided that it was still eligible for the list. The 959 was sold to the public as a 959, unlike say a 911 (993) that is sold as a 911, but has an internal designation as a 993. Even though it was the basis for many future improvements to the 911, it just was not sold to the public as a 911.

Are we wrong to have it on the list? Let us know what you think in the comments below.