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Drifting the 2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT – Video

By   February 19, 2013

The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT is currently the king of the hill of AMG Mercedes. The normally aspirated car may not have the most powerful engine that AMG makes, but the car is still the fastest in a straight line thanks to its lower weight than the Mercedes AMG SL 65. The car has great performance, but how much performance to you actually get for your $200,000?

The above video is from Car and Driver and they put the 2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT through its paces. The car is taken on the track to see how well it performs at high speed. While at the track the SLS is drifted a bit and near the end of the video make sure to watch as it drifts with the doors up.

New Porsche Cayman Spotted And Chris Harris Drifting – Video

By   February 15, 2013

California’s Highway 1 is a great place to see some incredible cars driving pass. I am blessed to live very close to Highway 1 and drive it every day. I often see some interesting cars and today I saw the new Porsche Cayman (unless my eyes are playing tricks on me) driving by while at work (just off of Highway 1).

Unfortunately, I was talking on my cell phone outside of my office building, so wasn’t able to get it out fast enough to take a picture. The car looked exactly like the one in the above video (at first I thought it was a new Boxster, but then realized that it was a Cayman but with the new aggressive side intakes). So, if you live in California near Highway 1, keep a look out for the new Porsche Cayman driving down the road.

The above video shows a new Porsche Cayman that looks exactly like the car that I spotted (right down to the color). The short video features Chris Harris drifting the new Porsche Cayman in a teaser video for his Chris on Cars show. The video will get you ready for the full video that will be released this coming Wednesday (and I’ll post it as soon as it is available). So, enjoy watching Chris drift the new Porsche Cayman and keep looking for the new car on the road as you never know when you might spot it.

Chris Harris On Ice in a 911 Rally Car – Video

By   February 13, 2013

Chris Harris is no stranger to driving some very fast and very fun cars. But perhaps he has found the most fun by driving a rally prepped Porsche 911 on ice in Sweden. The cars being driven are 80’s Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2s with some minor racing prep (mainly a roll cage, racing seats and stripped interior). The 250 hp engine doesn’t sound like much today, but in a light weight car on ice it makes for what feels like a lot of power.

The above video features Chris sliding on ice in the wonderful Porsche 911 rally cars. The video has some great footage of the car as it fights to regain traction while it is sliding around. With it being winter and snowing in a lot of areas there is an interesting discussion about the studded tires that are used for driving these cars in the snow. The video has some of the best footage of an 80’s 911 that I have seen in quite some time and is definitely worth watching, even if you aren’t big on Porsches.

Would You Drive a Ferrari Enzo Like This – Video

By   February 12, 2013

A Ferrari Enzo is an incredible car that most owners keep mainly as a display item with just occasional weekend drives. The car is recognizable by everyone that knows anything about cars and its space age looking design really make it stand out. It is a car that is as cool today as it was when it was first released.

Because of how much these cars are worth, even when used most owners would never dream of drifting their Ferrari Enzo. One Ferrari Enzo owner has a different thought on the matter taking his Ferrari Enzo around a farm enjoying the slick and muddy roads. Watch the video above to see the wonderful car be drifted and slid around. The video is the meaning of drive it like you stole it.

Let us know what you think of the video and if you would do this to your Ferrari Enzo in the comments below.