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Robert Turner Talks To Us About His The Driver Book Series

By   March 26, 2015

Robert Turner

The Driver Book Series Author Robert Turner

We recently had the opportunity to interview the author of The Driver series of books, Robert Turner. He talked to us about the books and even gave us some hints about what to expect in the next edition.

If you haven’t read The Driver books yet, they are a must read for any automotive enthusiast and are even enjoyed by those that weren’t car guys. If you like racing and movies like Transporter then you’ll love these books. The story keeps you entertained, but adds a lot of technical details about the cars which just adds to the appeal.

Click past the jump (or scroll down if you came to the full article) to see what Robert had to say about his book and the future.

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Download The Driver Book For Free

By   November 18, 2013


For a limited time you can download a free copy of The Driver (Book 1 – Decision). The book is authored by Rob Turner and the book really captures what it is like to drive on a race track as best as you can in text. To help celebrate this past weekend’s F1 race at COTA you can download the book for free until November 18th.

So, go get your free digital copy (it is a Kindle copy, but it should work with a Kindle app if you have something like an iPad) while they are available.

Download your free copy here.

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Video: Vic Elford Talks Porsche 911 Ballance

By   August 22, 2013

Vic Elford on the Porsche 911

Vic Elford on the Porsche 911

Racing legend Vic Elford really made a name for himself racing Porsches. Much of his racing success all started with the Porsche 911. People said that a rear-engined sports car could never be raced, but he was one of the first to prove that wrong.

This video features Vic as he drives to Pebble Beach in a classic 911. He talks about one of the most important things about driving a 911, balance. This is the key that allowed Vic to have so much success in racing the rear-engined sports car.

Check out the video and then let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

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How Porsche Drivers (And Some Non-Porsche) Get Race Fit – Video

By   February 18, 2013

Most of us know that racing drivers need to get a lot of time behind the wheel to make sure their driving skills are the best. However, most of us probably haven’t thought about all of the physical preparation that goes on when a driver isn’t driving. For a race there is a lot of physical and mental preparation that happens outside of the car.

The above video shows how a racing driver needs to train physically out side of the car. The video shows how drivers work to get race fit so that they can compete at the top of their game. The video also has some great footage of Porsche race cars as well as open wheeled racers and racing motorcycles.

Watch a Porsche Works Driver Parallel Park – Video

By   January 30, 2013

Porsche Works Drivers are usually focused on one thing, winning. When racing the driver is always going forward trying to get ahead of the cars in their way. If you’ve ever watched a race you’ll notice that when the car is moving backward it is being pushed by the crew.

Well, in the above video Porsche answers the question as to why race car drivers have to be pushed to have their cars move backward. Watch as Porsche Works Driver Marc Leib tries to parallel park a Porsche 911. The video shows just how focused on going forward a racing driver has to be.