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What Country Makes The Best Cars – Your Daily Answers

By   September 22, 2016

Porsche, Lamborghini, Ford, Lexus and Aston Martin

Porsche, Lamborghini, Ford, Lexus and Aston Martin

Our last questions was which country makes the best cars? Below are the comments that we found most interesting.

Each weekday we ask you a performance and/or luxury car question. After you submit your answers in the comments we post those that we think stood out most. Keep reading to see what you said to yesterday’s question.

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Ferrari Receives British Government’s Innovation in Engineering Award

By   January 31, 2013

Ferrari has won the prestigious Innovation in Engineering Award during the 6th edition of the UK-Italy Business Awards organised by the British Government.

The Award was presented to Ferrari’s Chief Engineer, Roberto Fedeli at the Milan Stock Exchange in the presence of Michael Fallon, the UK’s Minister for Business and Enterprise, Corrado Passera, Italy’s Minister for Economic Development, Infrastructures and Transport, and Christopher Prentice, the British Ambassador to Italy.

The award was given to Ferrari by the British Government as a formal recognition of the company’s role in the UK as a symbol of Italian excellence in the automotive industry, where it has continuously demonstrated innovation in advanced engineering.

Source: Ferrari