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A Brief Look At The History And Future Of Ferrari

By   May 14, 2014

Ferrari 458 Speciale

Ferrari 458 Speciale

Ferrari is the manufacturer of some of the most famous and world-wide types of sports cars in history. They have also become a driving force in professional racing by constantly producing automobiles with phenomenal speed and acceleration.

The history of Ferrari is one of success and absolute passion from the creators and the people that have the pleasure of driving or racing in one.

Where did it all begin?

Enzo Ferrari founded the company in 1947, Modena, Italy. He started as a passionate designer and participated in many test race car driving events and worked for Alfa Romeo as head of the racing department.

Enzo left the company once he heard of their plans to take action in taking over Scuderia Ferrari, his racing team and company.

The first car to ever be designed and constructed for Ferrari was the Auto Avio Costruzioni 815. This car did not become a great success as it raced in the Brescia Grand Prix in 1940 and had multiple engine problems, failing to grab anyone’s attention at the race. (At least not for good reasons, anyway.)

The first ever road car that Ferrari created that got the Ferrari name recognised was the 125 S designed in 1947. It raced in Piacenza at the racing circuit and didn’t actually finish the race. Nevertheless, this car was raced again and made it’s first ever Ferrari victory in Rome at the Grand Prix.


The company designed the Ferrari 250 GTO as a competitor against Jaguar’s E-Type. Driver Phil Hill drove this car into the Sebring race, coming in first place. The car was a great success in winning races throughout the whole year. It became better than Jaguar and was pronounced one of the most famous sports cars ever.


Ferrari developed and raced with the Group 6 Prototype Sports Car, Ferrari 312P in competition with new builds such as Porsche cars designed by German manufacturers. This Ferrari only entered a few racing events in this year until further prototypes were developed.

Later that year, there had been 25 productions of the Ferrari 512 which were entered into an international championship.

The 512 was soon forgotten about and Ferrari decided to stop focussing on it as it stopped winning races and eventually became out of fashion when new models were being designed.


Ferrari worked carefully on the design and production of the 312PB which entered the World Sportscar Championship and completely dominated the race.

In 1973, Ferrari lost championships against the Matra team and decided to retire from Sports Car Racing so that they could instead focus on Formula 1 races that they took part in in the 1970’s and won the World Championships in 1975 and in 1977.


During this year, Enzo Ferrari sadly passed away at 90 years old. The last model he was alive to witness was the F40 which was a design made to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Ferrari. It was the fastest and most powerful car that they had produced. However, it was unfortunately discontinued in 1992 due to the introduction of the F50 in 1995.


The F50 was designed in this year as a convertible for 2 people. There were almost 350 cars of this type made and shortly after, it was updated as the F50 GT that had a new style spoiler and a fitted roof. It was one of the fastest cars they had made but the speed was ignored and the design was cancelled.


Jean Todt became sporting director for Ferrari and was missioned to bring the company back up after years of lows.

To do this, he asked world champion Michael Schumacher to join the Scuderia.

He joined the company and gave Ferrari a brilliant reputation after he won 2 races including the Grand Prix of Italy.


From this year Todt achieved his mission as Schumacher won 5 championships in a row. Ferrari was officially heading back up.


Ferrari was now 85% owned by the Fiat group and Enzo’s second son was brought up to own 10% of it.


Ferrari F60 was used to compete in the Formula 1 races in 2009. This race car celebrated the fact that it had been 60 years of Ferrari taking part in the Formula 1 races

Since then, Ferrari have released hundreds of automobiles for racing as well as for the general public.

These include:

  • SA Aperta
  • F12 Berlinetta
  • 458 Italia
  • 458 Spider
  • 458 Speciale
  • Ferrari California
  • FF
  • Ferrari 599

Ferrari are doing nothing but improving and becoming more and more complex with their designs.

What can we expect next?

LaFerrari – This new model will evoke all types of speed and thrill to create a car that truly represents the idea of Ferrari.

It will have an impressive V12 engine and be produced only 422 times, making this a highly desirable car.

Ferrari F149 – This will be an upgraded model of the 2009 version with a lighter body but with much higher performance and the power output will be increased to 480 horsepower.

F14-T Ferrari will release a new Formula 1 car with a unique body and an impressively shaped front.

It is said to be being driven by some of the world’s best drivers ever!

Ferrari will no doubt continue to impress and sell some of the world’s most timeless cars. The classics that have become rare are still available for sale in very expensive auctions. Other classic cars can be viewed car museums such as the Fox Classic Car Museum.

Did you enjoy this article? What do you think Ferrari has in store for us in the future? Leave a comment below.

This article was written by Rachel Jensen on behalf of www.evanshalshaw.com,the UK’s leading car dealership.

Video: Ferrari F40 And F50 On The Track

By   September 9, 2013

Ferrari F40 And F50

Ferrari F40 And F50

Recently, Chris Harris was offered to drive both a Ferrari F40 and F50 on the track. Unlike most offers to drive other people’s cars, the owner of these two cars wearing the Prancing Horse told Chris to drive them how they should be driven (most of the times people ask him to take it easy, which isn’t very good for a video).

This video shows Mr. Harris driving these Italian supercars as they should be driven. When the F50 came out, Ferrari didn’t allow for it to be tested along side the F40 and this video shows why this was. While the F40 is probably the better car, the F50 is still a very good car and it is unfortunate that it is often overlooked.

Check out this video and watch the Ferrari F40 and F50 get driven hard on the track, then let us know what you think in the comments.

Trouble watching this video? Click here.

Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini And Nissan Track Battle – Video

By   May 1, 2013

Porsche 911 GT2 Versus Ferrari F40

Ferrari and Porsche Battle it Out on the Track

The Ferrari F40, Porsche 911 GT2, Lamborghini Diablo and Nissan Skyline GT-R are some legendary sports cars and certainly some of the best cars from the 80’s and 90’s. The performance that each of these cars had when new was mind blowing. These are cars that are still good perfomers today, but when they were new, they were the best available.

This video shows a track battle between some of the greatest cars from the 80’s and 90’s. The video features the Ferrari F50, F40, F355, Porsche 911 Turbo, GT3, GT2, Lamborghini Diablo GT and Nissan Skyline GT-R. All of these cars are very capable on the track, but after a bit of racing it quickly becomes a battle between Ferrari and Porsche. Which marque will be able to hold on for the win? Checkout the video and find out and then let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

Please Note: This video is in Japanese, but the track action is still easy to follow.

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Source: Jalopnik.

Tons Of Incredible Ferraris In One Place – Video

By   April 12, 2013

Ferrari has made some great cars over the history of the company. Their road cars are some of the most saught after in the world, but old man Ferrari used to say that he only sold road cars in order to race his cars. It is rare that one would see an F40, GTO, multiple F1 race cars, the LaFerrari and many more important Italian cars in one place.

This video is of perhaps the best Ferrari only show ever. The show has multiple concept, and racing cars as well as some of the best road going sports cars in history. Checkout the video to see all the great cars as you take a look at the short video highlighting the cars in this epic show.

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