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Ferrari Racing Days Coming At End Of August

By   July 30, 2013

Ferrari Racing Days

Ferrari Racing Days

From August 30th to September 1st Ferrari will be having their Ferrari Racing Days at the Hockenheimring track. The event will celebrate the Italian sports car maker and will especially focus on motor sport. Enzo Ferrari had the philosophy of selling road cars as a way to fund the companies racing efforts and this event celebrates this spirit.

The event will include the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli and Coppa Shell races, laps of the track by the 599XX and FXX as well as Formula One action. Fernando Alonso is also supposed to be at the event as part of the F1 participation of the event.

There will also be a large collection of Ferraris from various years and models in the paddock. The event is also expected to attract thousands of customer cars, so there should be some great cars wearing the Prancing Horse all over the event.

Let us know what you think of Ferrari Racing Days in the comments below.

Press Release

Only four weeks to go, the Ferrari Racing Days at the Hockenheimring from August 30 to September 1 where it will be all about the myth of Ferrari. To wet appetite’s, watch the video featuring Ferrari’s most famous Formula 1 driver, Fernando Alonso. Link: http://corseclienti.ferrari.com/2013en/video/ferrari-racing-days-august-30-september-1-hockenheimring/

He has great memories of the Hockenheimring as he has won three F1 Grand Prix races here: in 2005 with Renault and in 2010 and 2012 with Ferrari.

The Ferrari Racing Days offer an exciting weekend with the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli and Coppa Shell races, laps from the 599XX and FXX programmes, Formula One action from the F1 Ferrari Clienti programme and an estimated thousand customer-owned cars in the paddock along with other attractions for young and old. The Ferrari Racing Days are an event highlight for every self-respecting Cavallino Rampante aficionado and sports car enthusiast.

Ferrari Racing Days – inspiring Ferrari drivers and fans since 1996

The Ferrari Racing Days have been synonymous with the passion and  excitement conjured up by the Ferrari brand since 1996; no other manufacturer has been as closely connected with motor racing. Ferrari is still the most successful Formula One team ever and the only existing team to have been racing Formula One from the start. The living legend that is Ferrari has continuously grown recording 221 F1 Grands Prix victories, 207 pole positions, fifteen drivers titles and sixteen constructors titles since its inception in 1950. The Racing Days turn the world of Ferrari into an immediate and live experience for spectators. Racing drivers, collectors and fans from all over Europe come together to celebrate and to share their passion.

Not only die-hard fans will be captivated by this blend of real motorsports, action-filled demonstration runs and the sight of almost a thousand customer vehicles, the audience-friendly concept with access to the paddock and the free entrance  for kids under fourteen will also attract families.

The Ferrari Racing Days will be taking place in Germany for the eleventh time and for the third time at the Hockenheimring; this year will be seeing its revival in Germany and it is the only Ferrari Racing Days in Europe in 2013.

Largest Ferrari exhibition in the paddock with a thousand cars expected

As in previous years, the paddock will be full of a huge collection of Ferrari models in various versions from various years, a thousand cars are expected for the weekend; the cars will be organised according to model for the visitors in an exhibition that Ferrari enthusiasts can otherwise only dream about.

Jay Leno To Be At The California Auction

By   July 30, 2013

Jay Leno to be at the California Auction with a 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster available

Jay Leno will be at the California Auction

From August 1st through the 3rd the California Auction will be taking place and Jay Leno will be there. The car enthusiast and comedian will be providing color commentary for live T.V. coverage of the auction.

The coverage will start on August 2nd on the NBC Sports Network. The current host of the Tonight Show should make the auction entertaining as he gives his take on the cars that are up for auction.

The California Auction will take place in Burbank, California and besides having Jay Leno at the event, there are some great cars available. There will be over 400 cars for sale including some rare European exotics as well as some great Hot Rods.

Some of the cars that will get the most headlines will be the 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster, 1986 Ferrari Testarossa driven by Michael Jackson and a 1946 Indian Chief Motorcycle once owned by Steve McQueen</>. This is just a small sample of the high quality cars that will cross the auction block and there will be a number of other cars once owned or driven by celebrities.

Let us know what car you are most interested in at the auction as well as if you will be watching the coverage (or attending the auction) in the comments below.

Press Release

Auctions America is excited to announce that well-known car collector and television personality Jay Leno will make a special appearance and provide color commentary for the live television coverage of its highly anticipated California Auction. NBC Sports Network will provide live coverage on Friday, Aug. 2 from 7-9 p.m. ET and Saturday, Aug. 3, at 1 p.m. ET. Fittingly, the auction will take place at the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel on Aug. 1-3, just a few miles from “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and “Jay Leno’s Garage”host’s NBC studios. Auction attendees will be able to watch Leno provide insight and a humorous take on the world of car collecting as he joins NBC Sports Network hosts Bill Patrick and Steve Matchett. The live broadcast of the auction, produced by Roger Wilco Productions, includes more than 400 collector cars ranging from rare European exotics to iconic Southern California Hot Rods along with an exciting series of vehicles with celebrity provenance.

“We are thrilled that Jay Leno will be joining us in Burbank for our debut California sale,” says Auctions America’s Ian Kelleher. “Jay is the perfect person to provide commentary at our first auction in Southern California – while he’s famous for hosting The Tonight Show, his credentials as a collector, curator and driver are impeccable, and we are excited to hear his take on the superb roster of vehicles slated for our Burbank auction block.”

Joining Leno onstage and hosting the auction coverage will be veteran NBC Sports Network broadcasters Bill Patrick and Steve Matchett. Patrick hosted motorsports and automotive coverage on Race Week and has covered every major sporting event during his 25-year broadcasting career, including all four major championships in professional golf, the U.S. Open, Wimbledon, the World Series, the Super Bowl, the NBA Playoffs, the Stanley Cup Playoffs, America’s Cup and the 2008 Olympics. Matchett is an automotive and motorsports analyst with a focus on Formula One for NBC and the NBC Sports Network and formerly worked as a mechanic for the Benetton F1 team.

An auction so close to Hollywood would not be complete without cars with celebrity provenance, and Auctions America’s California sale does not disappoint. Among a long list of highlights set to cross the block are a 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster, given to Robert Stack by Desi Arnaz after winning an Emmy for “The Untouchables”; the 1967 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow driven by Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway in “The Thomas Crown Affair” and the 1951 Mercury Convertible driven by David Lee Roth in his “California Girls” music video. The sale will also lift the gavel on two “General Lee” Dodge Chargers; a 1933 Ford Custom Victoria built by Boyd Coddington for Nicholas Cage; a 1986 Ferrari Testarossa driven by Michael Jackson; the Chip Foose built “Lil’ Foose Coupe” 1932 Ford featured in “Gone in 60 Seconds”; and a 1946 Indian Chief Motorcycle once owned by Steve McQueen, along with several other celebrity cars.

Held at the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel, August 1-3, Auctions America’s multi-day California sale will lift the gavel on more than 400 quality collector cars, including a diverse assortment of American and European classics and sports cars, Detroit muscle, hot rods and customs to cater to a broad range of automotive tastes. Full event details, including further information on the exclusive NBC Sports Network coverage and the digital auction catalog are available online at auctionsamerica.com or by calling toll free 888-990-3910 (or +1 310-842-3910 outside North America).

5 Affordable Ferraris

By   July 29, 2013

5 “Affordable” Ferraris

There is perhaps not higher symbol in automobiles that the Prancing Horse of Ferrari. The Italian sports cars are historically some of the best sports cars that one can buy. When you think of someone that owns a Ferrari you think of someone with a lot of money.

This is for good reason as the cars when new usually go for well over $190,000. Classic cars also normally fetch a premium.

But what do you do if you want to own a Ferrari, but don’t have a huge budget. Fortunately there are options for those starting in the price range of a new Honda Civic.

Below are 5 of the most affordable Ferrari cars that one can buy at this time.

  1. Ferrari 308 GTB/GTS
    The 308 GTB/GTS offered very good performance for their time. The GTS is perhaps best known for its appearance in the classic ’80s show Magnum PI. GTB/GTS offers around 240 horsepower depending on the year. The mid-engined car can be difficult to work on for someone not antiquated with working on Ferraris of the era.
    You can find well maintained examples in the $20,000-$40,000 range depending on condition and year.
  2. Ferrari 308 GT4
    Before the GTB/GTS there was the GT4. This was a four seater car and when you add a back seat to one of these Italian sports cars the price usually goes down a bit. The car still offers a mid engined design and is somewhat more practical that some other models. Originally the GT4 was badged as a Dino, but in 1976 it was sold with Ferrari badging. The mid-engined V8 powered sports car offered 230 horsepower and good performance for its time. Styling was very ’70s and because it wasn’t always badged with a Prancing Horse many don’t think of it as a true Ferrari.
    You can find a well maintained car with about 30,000 miles on it for $20,000 or even a bit less.
  3. Ferrari Mondial
    The Mondial much like the GT4 offers a small back seat and a layout similar to the 308 GTB/GTS. The car is powered by a 3.2 liter V8 engine that put out 266 horsepower. It offered decent performance for the mid ’80s, but was never really valued highly by Ferrari enthusiasts. Styling is very ’80s, but stands out to those looking at it.
    You can find a well maintained early Mondial for $30,000-$40,000.
  4. Ferrari F355
    The F355 is a V8 powered mid-engined Ferrari that offered a very good 375 horsepower. That is very good for a car from the mid-late ’90s. Performance is very good in the Italian sports car and it has nice styling. The F355 is one of the more reasonably cars wearing a Prancing Horse that is thought pretty highly of within the enthusiast community.
    A well maintained F355 will run you $35,000 – $80,000 depending on year, mileage and condition.
  5. Ferrari 360 Modena
    The 360 Modena replaced the F355 and is a modern Ferrari that is sure to turn heads if you drive one. The mid-engined V8 powered car puts out 400 horsepower and is capable of a 0 to 60 mph time of just 4.3 seconds. The car has more modern styling and modern comforts than you would expect in a newer car over the other cars in this list.
    You can find well maintained 360s for $60,000-$80,000. While not cheap, it is still only about the same price as a new Porsche Boxster or Cayman.

If you choose to buy one of these Ferraris you will join an exclusive club of people that have owned a Ferrari. You do need to be ready to put money away for repairs to these cars as they often cost much more to repair. Some models also have maintenance items such as needing to remove the engine every 10,000 miles to perform maintenance, so do your research before buying one.

Make sure to buy a well documented maintained example as it will save you a lot of money in the long run. A Pre-Purchase Inspection is also a must when looking at a used Ferrari.

Let us know which of these 5 affordable Ferraris you would prefer to drive or if you would put any others on this list in the comments below.

What would you drive

Picture Source: Sfoskett

Lewis Hamilton Gets Victory At Hungarian Grand Prix F1 Race

By   July 29, 2013

Lewis Hamilton Gets Victory At Hungarian Grand Prix F1 Race

Lewis Hamilton Gets Win At Hungarian Grand Prix Formula One Race

This past weekend was the Hungarian Grand Prix Formula One race and it was a good one for Lewis Hamilton. Lewis managed to take his Mercedes to victory for his 22nd win in his career. The victory is the first win for Hamilton driving for Mercedes. He started the race in the first position and managed to keep that position for the entire race. Apparently he didn’t think he would win as before the race he had said it would be a miracle if he won.

Mr. Hamilton was followed by Kimi Raikkonen driving for Lotus and then the pair of Red Bull racing drivers Sebastian Vettel followed by Mark Webber. Rounding out the top five was Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso who started the race in 5th place and finished in the same position.

Lewis Hamilton’s teammate, Nico Rosberg had a rough day as contact with Ferrari’s Felipe Massa causing him early position due to a blown tire. This put him back in the pack until his day ended early with engine failure. This was the second victory for Mercedes in three races with Nico winning the British Grand Prix earlier this season.

Now the drivers get a mandatory two week vacation. The next race won’t be until August 25th at the Belgain Grand Prix.

Let us know in the comments below what you thought of the race and what you are going to do until F1 returns in late August.

Press Release

Lewis Hamilton achieved his 22nd career victory and his first as a Silver Arrows driver at the Hungaroring this afternoon.
  • Lewis’ win was the 13th Formula One win for a Silver Arrow and the third victory in five races for the team
  • Lewis’ fourth win at the Hungaroring also took the tally of wins for Mercedes-Benz F1 engines to 99
  • Lewis completed three pit stops on laps 9, 31 and 50, running option/prime/prime/prime
  • Nico tangled with Felipe Massa in turn 5 on lap one and dropped to P12
  • He also made three stops but retired with an engine failure on lap 65
  • Lewis’ victory strengthened the team’s second position in the Constructors’ Championship at the season’s halfway point
Car No.
Chassis No.
Race Result / Fastest Lap
Lewis Hamilton
F1 W04 / 04
P1 1:24.647
Nico Rosberg
F1 W04 / 03
Hot and sunny
Air: 34-35°C
Track: 48-51°C
Lewis Hamilton
What a great weekend! We really didn’t expect this when we came here this weekend and I said last night that I would need a miracle to win today. Well, just maybe they do happen. The team called the strategy and the pit stops just right and then it was just about managing the gap. I had some racing to do out there, though, with Jenson and Mark and I think we had the pace on everyone today. The team has just done an exceptional job: we have worked so hard to understand these tyres and we got the balance spot on today. I am very hopeful this could be a real turning point for us as we coped with these high track temperatures. I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone at the team here and at our factories in Brackley and Brixworth. Team work achieved this result today and I really couldn’t be happier.
Nico Rosberg
Today was a great day for the team, for Lewis and a brilliant job by everyone here at the track and back at our factories. Unfortunately my weekend didn’t go quite so well and it’s a shame that we couldn’t have had a two-car finish today. I got a good start but then Felipe and I came together on the first lap which was unfortunate as I was in front and had left some space for him but his front wing hit my rear tyre. That cost me a lot of positions and it’s really difficult to make the places back up on this track. Then my day came to an early conclusion with the engine failure. However there are lots of positives for us to take as a team from this weekend and now I really look forward to the upcoming races as we know that we have a quick car and we made the new tyres work for us this weekend.
Ross Brawn
We went into this race not really knowing where we stood in terms of tyre performance and behaviour but as the race unfolded, it became clear that we were able to stay competitive with both cars and drivers. Lewis drove an absolutely perfect race and didn’t put a foot wrong all afternoon. He was able to race aggressively and keep the tyres alive to make our strategy work. Nico was unfortunate to get tangled up with Massa on the first lap and then suffered an engine failure, which was a little worrying in the closing laps as we hadn’t seen any signs of overheating. Overall, this has been a very encouraging weekend. In extremely hot conditions, we maintained our Saturday afternoon competitiveness on Sunday afternoon and it certainly feels like we have made a good step forward today. Now we need to get our heads down before the well-deserved two-week shutdown so that we arrive in Spa as well prepared as we possibly can.
Toto Wolff
What an outstanding drive from Lewis this afternoon – he got a clean getaway and then executed the race strategy perfectly, including some really strong and aggressive overtaking moves when he needed to. He did a great job, just like the team with six clean pit stops for our drivers and the right race strategy. Nico lost positions on the first lap tangling with Felipe and then was making up places when his engine failed near the end of the race. That gave us a nervous few closing laps but we were able to bring Lewis’ car home safely. We came into this weekend with a lot of discussion over how the new tyres would affect us. We did our homework in practice, found the right set-up and managed to take a good step forward this afternoon with how we managed the tyres in race conditions. It is only halfway through the season and our rivals have been consistently competitive while we have experienced some ups and downs in the first ten races. Our target for the second half of the year must be to consolidate our performance and deliver this kind of speed consistently. We are still the underdogs right now but we are on an upward trend and we will keep working hard. Thank you to everyone at our factories back in Brackley and Brixworth for their hard work and enjoy a well-deserved summer break. Congratulations as well to our customer sport team-mates who took victory for Mercedes-Benz in the Spa 24 Hours. It’s been a good day for the three-pointed star!

600 Children Energize Fernando Alonso Before Hungarian Grand Prix

By   July 24, 2013

Six Hundred Children Meet Fernando Alonso Before Hungarian Grand Prixg

Six Hundred Children Meet Fernando Alonso Before Hungarian Grand Prix

Six hundred children got a treat when they met their Formula One hero, Fernando Alonso. The children were at the 2013 Junior Summer Formula summer camp that is open to children of employees of Ferrari.

The children weren’t the only ones excited about the event. Fernando was energized by the warm welcome and hopes that it will carry over to a good performance at the Hungarian Grand Prix. He describes the rush of the event like that he gets when using the KERS system in his F1 car.

Let us know if you think the extra energy from the event might give Ferrari extra incentive to win this weekend in the comments below.

Press Release

What could be more energising than the enthusiasm of six hundred children? Not much, as Luca di Montezemolo and Fernando Alonso could affirm when, this morning, along with the Managing Director Amedeo Felisa and the Director of Human Resources Mario Mairano, they went to visit those taking part in the 2013 Junior Summer Formula, the summer camp for the children of the company’s employees, organised by Ferrari and the Maranello local council.
Everyone received a very warm welcome from the kids and not just metaphorically, given the high temperatures we are seeing at the end of July, at the “Chiaffredo Cassiani” infants school, one of four- three in Maranello and one in Modena – that are involved in the project. There were two special gifts to mark the occasion: from the mothers of some of the children, Montezemolo was given a leather emblem made in the Selleria department as a thank you for making this programme possible, while Fernando was given a parcel containing a large number of letters written to him by the children, obviously singing the praises of their hero in red.

“This is a really great initiative that demonstrates the close links between the company and the area,” said Montezemolo,turning to Lucia Bursi, the Mayor of Maranello. “I wish to thank the local council of Maranello for its support in this project, which is growing ever more popular, year after year.” Indeed, the number of participants is increasing all the time: in the four camps held so far, the numbers have grown from 200 to 600,divided into two groups, the 3 to 6 year olds and 7 to 14. Over fifty teachers are on hand, all involved in the planning and organisation of the event which runs every day from 7.30 to 20.30, to cover all three factory shifts.

“A good energy boost, almost the same as the one you get from KERS at the start,” said Fernando. “Just what was needed before heading off to Budapest!”