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A Tour Of The Petersen Museum Including The Porsche Effect And Cars Of The Movies Exhibits

By   December 30, 2018

Porsche Carrera GT Prototype

Porsche Carrera GT Prototype

If you are an automotive enthusiast and you visit the Los Angeles area then a trip to the Petersen Museum is a must. The three story Museum (four if you count the basement vault) always displays historically significant vehicles from the past and present.

We recently enjoyed a trip to the museum and were treated with historical cars from the time we entered the parking garage. Some vintage vehicles were in parking spaces and a few cars, including an early Porsche 356, were on display just before entering the building.

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5 Most Replicated Performance Cars

By   August 1, 2013

5 Most Replicated Performance Cars Shelby Cobra (a.k.a. AC Cobra)

The Shelby Cobra is One of Our 5 Most Replicated Performance Cars

Recently eight people were arrested in Spain for selling fake Ferrari 458 Italias and F430s. 17 of these cars were found in two workshops and they were dismantled. While this instance appears to be a case of the sellers claiming that the cars were real, it got us thinking of what are the most replicated performance cars.

Below we have put a list of the top 5 most replicated cars.

  1. Shelby Cobra (a.k.a. AC Cobra)
    The Shelby Cobra is perhaps the car that has been replicated the most. The original cars are pretty rare and fetch a lot of money, so most people that want to drive one opt to get a replica. Some of the replicas are pretty good, adding new technology to the car to make it drive and handle like a more modern car. However, the recipe for the Cobra still remains the same as the original, a light weight car with a ton of horsepower.
  2. Porsche 356 Speedster
    The 356 Speedster has become a pretty high priced car. Because of this many have turned to replicas to enjoy the car without the high price tag. These cars are based off of a Volkswagen Type 1 (a.k.a. Bug) which can turn out very close to the original thanks to the 356 starting out based off of VW parts.
  3. Porsche 550 Spyder
    The 550 Spyder is one of the most rare Porsches out there. The original cars are worth a small fortune and are owned by the likes of Jerry Seinfeld. Because of this many have only had the choice to buy a replica. The replicas can be fairly close to the original and are based off a VW Type 1.
  4. Ford GT-40
    The GT-40 is the car that beat Ferrari at Le Mans. The iconic racing car is perhaps the best sports car ever produced out of America. Originals are extremely valuable and are rarely driven because of their value. Replicas are the only choice for most and some of them are very close to the original.
  5. Ferrari 250 GTO
    This is another rare car with only 39 original cars ever produced. The original car is one of the best sports cars ever made, so no wonder some people would like to drive one or at least look like they are driving one. The kits for the replicas are based on a Datsun 240Z so they do have decent performance, but they aren’t quite the same as the original.

So, that is our list of the top 5 most replicated cars. Let us know what you think of them in the comments below. Also checkout the below press release for more information about those Ferrari knock offs that were sold in Spain.

Press Release

While it’s true that even a Ferrari can be seen as a work of art, that might be stretching the point somewhat in the case of the eight people recently arrested in Spain for having set up an organisation to make fake upmarket cars including Ferraris and then selling them on the Internet at knock down prices when compared to the originals. No less than 17 fake Prancing Horse 458 Italias and F430s were discovered in two workshops in Algamese and Albalat dels Sorells and they were immediately dismantled by the authorities. In this instance it’s not a case of copies but just forgeries pure and simple, on a par with those fake Hermes bags sold in the streets.

Is there a market for these cars? Apparently so, which goes to show that the urge to own a Ferrari is very strong and widespread. This incident, not the first of its kind, confirms the importance of the role of the official Prancing Horse sales network and its relationship with potential customers. If you really want a Ferrari, knock on the door of a Maranello dealership, to be found in 62 countries around the world with over 200 dealers: there you are bound to find the real car of your dreams.

Picture Source: Stahlkocher