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Chris Harris And A Ferrari 288 GTO – Video

By   March 20, 2013

Chris Harris enjoys both Ferraris and Porsches. Chris currently owns a Ferrari 599 which he purchased after selling his Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 and he partly purchased the Ferrari because of how much he missed driving Ferraris (in case you weren’t aware Chris is on the Ferrari black list for receiving Ferrari press cars). Chris often enjoys driving Ferraris and Porsches and seems to go back and forth between the two makes (and who couldn’t blame him as both companies make some really good cars).

The above video is part two of a two part video series reviewing a Ferrari 288 GTO and a Porsche 959. This part of the video is about the Ferrari 288 GTO and features a tour of the car as well as a drive in the Ferrari. The Ferrari 288 GTO is a special car and is one of the best looking Ferraris of the modern era, it has just aged really well. This part of the video also features Chris declaring which of the two cars he thinks is better, the beautiful Ferrari or the more technically advanced Porsche 959.

Trouble watching the video? Click here.