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The Classic Auto Show Goes To LA This January

By   November 30, 2016

1915 American LaFrance Speedster

1915 American LaFrance Speedster

Clarion Events organizes one of the most successful classic car shows in the U.K. For those of us across the pond that is a little far to travel for such an event. Especially, when you have the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and Amelia Island right in the US each year.

However, this year the Classic Auto Show is taking a trip to the States and will go all the way out west. The vintage cars will be on display from January 27th through the 29th at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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Porsche Responds To LA County Sheriff’s Findings In Paul Walker’s Death

By   March 26, 2014

LA County Sheriff Releases Finds of Accident that Killed Paul Walker While Riding in a Porsche Carrera GT

LA County Sheriff Releases Finds of Accident that Killed Paul Walker While Riding in a Porsche Carrera GT

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has released their findings to the accident that resulted in actor Paul Walker’s death. He was best known for his role in the Fast and Furious movies and was a huge car enthusiast. The findings showed that the Porsche Carrera GT driven by Mr. Walker’s friend and owner of the car, Roger Rodas was crashed as a result of driving at high speeds.

The report found that the Carrera GT was being driven at speeds of 93 MPH on a public road. There had been speculation that the safety of the car was the issue, however the official report found no evidence of any mechanical malfunction or any road surface issues.

Porsche has released a statement about the report and you can read the statement below.

We appreciate the meticulous analysis by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the California Highway Patrol. It is a sad day for us whenever anyone is injured in one of our cars, and this was a particularly tragic event. At the same time, the results of the investigation show that, according to all the available evidence, this crash was caused by dangerous driving at speeds much too high for the road in question. There is also evidence that this particular vehicle had been altered from its original design state and had not been maintained properly. However, there is no evidence of any mechanical malfunction. We stand by our Carrera GT and by the investigation and conclusions of the responsible authorities.

We are all still personally saddened by the losses of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas. Hopefully other sports car enthusiasts will learn from this and keep the high speed driving on the track in a car with proper safety equipment as we don’t want this to happen to anybody else.

Is A Porsche Supercar The Answer To Clean Air

By   February 27, 2013

Last week I posted a video of Jay’s Garage featuring Jay Leno taking a look at a Porsche 911 GT2 (if you haven’t seen the video yet you can see it here). One line from the video stood out to me and that is that the air coming out of the exhaust is cleaner than the air going into the engine. A similar statement was made by Jeremy Clarkson when reviewing a Porsche 911 Turbo on Top Gear a few years ago. This gave me an idea of how we could cleanup the air in cities with dirty air.

One of the places in the world with a big smog problem is Los Angeles, California. The Los Angeles area has great weather and is close to the beach, but unfortunately the air quality in the city is very bad. Much of this problem is do to the geography of the Los Angeles area with the ocean on one side and then the surrounding mountains it is hard for dirty air to keep from being trapped. Couple the geography with the fact that the city of Los Angeles has almost four million people living in the city (and that doesn’t include the surrounding areas), with very few using public transportation and you have a recipe for really bad air.

So, my solution to this air quality issue is simple, just replace the cars in the city with a new Porsche 911 GT2 (or a Porsche 911 Turbo would have the same affect). The result of such a change would be cleaner air and would still allow people to drive an enjoyable car (instead of forcing everyone into something like a Prius). The cost of this for the Los Angeles area would be approximately 600 billion dollars, which is a lot of money, but just think of how many billions our government wastes and then it doesn’t seem so out of line.

Of course I know this plan would never happen in the real world, but it is interesting how a Porsche 911 supercar could help clean the air. Having said this, if this plan was ever followed, I know I would move the couple of hours down the road to Los Angeles in order to get my Porsche 911 GT2. How about you would you move for a Porsche 911 GT2? Let us know in the comments below.