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How Hillary Clinton’s VP Pick, Tim Kaine, Stands On Cars

By   July 23, 2016

Potential VP Tim Kaine and a Tesla Model 3

Tim Kaine

If you’re online today then you know that Hillary Clinton picked Tim KainePorsche 911 with the majority of the lineup now being turbocharged (with the exception of the GT3 and GT3 RS). This allows for more fuel efficiency and better performance, but does change the character of the car slightly – a huge deal in a legend like the 911.

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Hybrid Car Of The Year: Fourth Annual TSCG Awards

By   December 31, 2015

Hybrid of the Year Nominees

Hybrid Car of the Year Nominees

Over the past few weeks we have been awarding the best performance cars of the year in various categories. We now come to a category that just a few years ago didn’t exist for a performance car. The Hybrid Car of the Year.

This is the category that represents the future of the sports car. Currently, most of the entrants are extremely high priced supercars (with one exception), but with strict government regulations more and more vehicles will look at hybrid drivetrains to bridge the gap from gas powered to electric powered automobiles.

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McLaren P1 Production Comes To An End

By   December 11, 2015

McLaren P1

McLaren P1

If you just won $50 million in the lottery and your first thought was I’m going to buy a McLaren P1 then you are too late to get a new one. Production of the last P1 has just finished, so anybody wanting to own the hybrid supercar will have to find one on the second hand market.

Production of the P1 road car was limited to just 375. For those looking to purchase one used, don’t expect for the value to go down, instead you are likely to pay more than the cost of a new P1 thanks to demand. This is the type of ultra high performance machine that doesn’t get hit with depreciation as other cars do.

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Bruno Senna Confirmed As McLaren P1 GTR Driver Program Mentor

By   August 18, 2015

McLaren P1 GTR

McLaren P1 GTR

McLaren has confirmed that former Formula 1 driver, Bruno Senna will be the mentor for drivers in the P1 GTR Driver Program. Bruno is now a factory driver, so it is no surprise that the English sports car maker would tap into his racing knowledge.

The first P1 GTR has been assembled. It will now complete its build with the team at McLaren Special Operations.

Examples of the competition machine will be a fairly rare sight as only owners of a road going P1s were eligible to purchase the GTR. These owners are allowed to be part of the driving program to make sure they are getting the most out of the car.

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Is This What The McLaren P1 LM Might Look Like?

By   May 1, 2015

McLaren P1 LM Rendoring

McLaren P1 LM

The McLaren P1 has proven to be quite the supercar. The hybrid can lap the Nurburgring in under 7 seconds and is capable of mind blowing speed when you get a long enough straight.

The P1 is thought of as the spiritual successor to the legendary F1. But, is the British manufacture working on an even better performing version of the supercar?

Click past the jump (or scroll down if you can directly to the full article) to see some of the rumored specs of the new P1.

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