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Ferrari Puts Test Mules And Prototypes On Display – Video

By   May 8, 2013

Ferrari Puts Test Mules And Prototypes On Display

Ferrari Test Mules and Prototypes

The Ferrari Museum has quite a rare exhibit on display. The display features Ferrari prototypes and test mules from past models. These cars, especially the test mules or normally put through harsh testing and then scrapped, but the Italian auto manufacture has kept some of these cars.

This video shows a sample of the cars on display. Cars such as an early LaFerrari prototype are there as well as some early Ferraris. The video shows models such as the Ferrari California, 599, F355 and more. There is also a good number of F1 cars on display.

If you happen to be traveling to Italy in the near future, make sure to head over to the Ferrari Museum while the exhibit is still at the Museum.

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