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Is This What The New Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Will Look Like?

By   February 7, 2017

sneak peak #dodgedemon personally not a fan of the new hood #dodge #demon @dodgeofficial

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Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

The new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is much anticipated and will make its official debut at the New York Auto Show. Before the muscle car is unveiled Dodge has released teasers of the car thought to be more powerful than the 707 horsepower Hellcat.

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Four Cylinder Porsche Boxster Spotted Testing In Germany

By   May 22, 2015

2017 Porsche Boxster

Four Cylinder Porsche Boxster Prototype

As you may have heard, the next refresh of the Porsche Boxster will be powered by a turbocharged flat-four engine. This will be the case for all except the higher performance variants, such as the rumored GT4 and the Spyder. A similar setup wil be found in the Cayman lineup.

The move to smaller engines has been confirmed and it is partly to help meet more strict government fuel economy restrictions. The move is one that in many ways returns the company to its roots when the 356 was powered by a flat-four (although these new cars will be turbocharged and cooled by water, but you get the idea).

Click past the jump (or scroll down if you came directly to the full article) to see a short video of the four-cylinder Boxster driving on public roads.

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Is Chrysler Stopping Productions Of The Dodge Challenger?

By   January 22, 2015

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

We are starting to hear rumors that Chrysler will be stopping production of the Dodge Challenger in 2017. While we haven’t been able to confirm these rumors we are sad of the thought and hope that they are unfounded.

After all it is great to see a car with retro styling that just looks cool on the roads today. Sure it is heavy and to really enjoy it you need a track (especially with the higher horsepower models), but they are fun to drive and still offer a lot of practicality. They are also fairly safe cars, which isn’t a big surprise as they are about the same size as a tank.

If the Challenger is nearing the end of its production, one would have to think that it could be a victim of Government regulations. Such gas mileage and emission regulations are the reason that Porsche will soon have the entire 911 lineup turbocharged.

We hope that the Challenger stays with us for a while and that the HEMI V8 can survive in the changing regulations. Stay tuned as we will update you on these rumors as we find out more.

Is Porsche Working On Two New Sports Cars?

By   July 7, 2014

Porsche may be Working on a Supercar to Sit Below the 918 Spyder and a Lower Costing Sports Car

Porsche may be Working on a Supercar to Sit Below the 918 Spyder and a Lower Costing Sports Car

The rumormill is once again spinning around Porsche. The German performance car maker is rumored to be working on two new sports cars.

The first is a supercar that will compete with the Ferrari 458 and McLaren 12C in price and performance. The car is currently being call the Porsche 988, but that may change. The high performance vehicle will be powered by a mid-mounted flat-eight engine and will sit between the 911 and 918 Spyder in the company’s lineup.

The 988 will reportedly debut in 2017 and will feature a new platform that will later be adapted for the Boxster, Cayman and 911. It is said to allow both mid and front-engine layouts and will allow for rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

The other rumored car is being called the Porsche 718. It is rumored to be a roadster that sits below the Boxster in the model lineup. It will likely be powered by a mid-mounted 1.6-liter flat-four engine and is rumored to have a power output around 200 horsepower.

As the Boxster has gone up market (while the base price is still fairly reasonable, most will cost much more thanks to options) the 718 will help Porsche reach a slightly lower market segment. It is rumored to start in the mid-$30,000 range.

29 MPG! Is The New C7 Corvette Stingray Powered By Magic?

By   July 8, 2013

C7 Corvette Stingray

New Corvette Stingray

We have heard rumors from reliable sources that once the EPA finalizes their numbers the new C7 Corvette Stingray will have a combined miles per gallon rating of at least 29 MPG. That is from a 455 horsepower sports car that is able to rocket from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds. This is quite a feat for a big 6.2-liter V8 engine and it makes us think about how it is even possible.

To get an idea of just how good that number is, it is very close to the combined gas mileage of the 1.8-liter 4 cylinder powered 2013 Honda Civic and better than the 2.4-liter model. Not only will you get good gas mileage, but it is hard to find any faster new cars for less than about $150,000.

Corvette Stingray 6.2-liter V8 engine

Of course most people would say it is technology making the engines more efficient that makes the good gas mileage possible. Combine this with the new race inspired aerodynamics of the car and if you drive the Corvette in a reasonable fashion (not flooring it all the time) and you can achieve this kind of gas mileage.

We have our own theory on how the new Corvette Stingray can achieve this kind of performance and gas mileage, it is powered by Magic. While many will think of some kind of technology that makes this possible, we think that magic just makes the most sense.

Let us know what you think attributes to the cars performance and the bonus of good gas mileage.

Update: The official announcement has been made and the actual mileage is 29 MPG Highway and 17 MPG City. Depending on driving mode it can actually get up to 30 MPG. So, the rumor was incorrect about the combined number as the number was actually only the highway number. Even so, the combined rating should be about the same as a 2.4-liter Honda Civic.