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A Ford GT40 Being Driven On The Track – Video

By   April 4, 2013

The Ford GT40 is one of my personal favorite sports cars to come from America. The car is best known as the Ferrari killer and is the stuff of legends. I wish for still made a focused mid-engined sports car like the GT40 as the car looks beautiful and sounds great.

This video features footage of a Ford GT30 MK1 that is completely original. The video shows footage of the car taking some laps at the track and it is great to see the classic being driven like it was meant to be driven. Watching the car go around the track is great, but it is the sound track of that wonderfully course V8 that will really make you smile.

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The Sound Of The Porsche Carrera GT – Video

By   March 28, 2013

The Porsche Carrera GT is one of the most beautiful cars to come out of Stuttgart of all time (at least that isn’t a 911). The car is truly one of the greatest supercars that has ever been built. Its styling is beautiful, but still respectful to Porsche’s heritage and the V10 engine and light body make the car fast even today.

Beyond the beautiful style the powerful Carrera GT has a wonderful exhaust sound. This video features footage with the wonderful exhaust sound as the engine gets revved a bit. The video features one of the best cars ever and one of my personal favorites.

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The Sound of the Ferrari 458 Italia – Video

By   March 26, 2013

The Ferrari 458 Italia is one of the most beautiful cars to be made by Ferrari in years. The car has incredible performance and the sound of the car is out of this world. If you own a Ferrari 458 Italia expect to get a lot looks from people and stopped at the gas station when filling up the car.

There are few cars on the road that sound as good as a Ferrari and the 458 Italia is no exception. The car will have no problem passing most traffic and if you take it on the track, boy will you thank yourself.

The sound of any Ferrari is hard to capture on video, but this video does a pretty good job of it. This video focuses on the exhaust of a Ferrari 458 Italia as it is driven around town. The sound alone will get you excited, but it is fun to see people watching the car as it drives by on what appear to be closed roads.

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