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Chris Harris Must Be Getting A Huge Check From The BBC For His New Top Gear Job And Here Is Why

By   February 16, 2016

Chris Harris

Chris Harris

As you have probably heard by now Chris Harris is one of the six (yes, six) new presenters on UK Top Gear. We think he is a good addition to the show, but being part of a program that is replacing Jeremy Clarkson, Jame May and Richard Hammond is a tall task.

While we had already speculated that he would make a very good replacement for Jeremy Clarkson, he made it sound in the past like this was very unlikely. Obviously, the Top Gear producers managed to talk him into it and we are sure compensation was part of the discussion.

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We Rank The New Top Gear Hosts

By   February 12, 2016

New Top Gear Presenters

New Top Gear Presenters

Today the new presenters for Top Gear UK have been announced and there may still be hope that it could be a good show. Many fans have written off the show when Matt LeBlanc (a.k.a. Joey from Friends) was announced last week.

However, the full lineup looks like it could have potential, although sharing time between six presenters may prove difficult. The one add that may be the best for the future of the show is Chris Harris.

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Jeremy Clarkson Spotted Driving A Porsche 911 Targa

By   August 5, 2015

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson Driving a Porsche 911 Targa

These pictures were taken by a Reddit user (by the username of DublinItUp). They appear to show Jeremy Clarkson driving a new Porsche 911 Targa (it looks like it is a Targa GTS to be more exact).

The image started a bit of a debate on the social network as people started talking about why Mr. Clarkson would be driving a car from the German marquee. After all the former Top Gear presenter (and future host of a new automotive show on Amazon) is known as someone that isn’t a huge fan of the brand.

Jeremy Clarkson 911 Targa

Saying that he isn’t a fan of Porsche may be putting it mildly. He tends to dislike most of their cars for not changing their styling and generally for not being a Ferrari.

Having said this, he is a big fan of the 928 and he also said some very good things about the 911 Turbo (996). So, is it just that he plays a part on TV and deep down he likes the cars from the German performance car maker?

Jeremy Clarkson Porsche 911 Targa

That could be it, but we feel there may be a simple answer that is overlooked by many. Him driving the car may say nothing about if he likes the 911 or not. It may very well just be a press car.

When we have had a media vehicle manufactures normally give it to you for a week. This gives you time to learn about how it drives and to get a good idea of what to say about it for a review. This car is very likely a press car for an article and/or video footage on his new car show. That is if it is actually Jeremy Clarkson and not someone that looks a bit like him.

Source: Reddit