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What Is A Boxer Engine?

By   December 1, 2014

Porsche 911 Boxer Engine

Porsche 911 Boxer Engine

A Boxer Engine can be quite a power plant. In automobiles they have been used in various models, but the air-cooled Volkswagens, Mid and Rear-engined Porsches (with a few exceptions) and many Subarus are the best known.

The design has many advantages from a lower center of gravity to reduced vibrations. The engines can also be very powerful, just look at what Porsche has done with the GT3 as an example.

This video gives a brief explanation of what a Boxer Engine is. It talks about the design and its advantages. Even if you already know what a Boxer Engine is this can be a handy share for any friends that don’t know what it is or why it is special.

Check out the video below and then let us know your thoughts on it in the comments.

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What Happens When RAUH-Welt Begriff And Tanner Foust Get To A VW Beetle

By   November 5, 2014

Tanner Foust and RAUH-Welt Begriff Volkswagen Beetle

Tanner Foust and RAUH-Welt Begriff Volkswagen Beetle R

The above Volkswagen Beetle is a collaboration between VW Rallycross driver (and Top Gear USA co-host) Tanner Foust and Porsche tuners RAUH-Welt Begriff. They started with a VW Beetle R and added a RAUH-Welt Begriff body kit that made it more aggressive and a full eight inches wider.

The use of a new Beetle may seem odd to some as RAUH-Welt Begriff is known for their air-cooled Porsche 911’s. However, the tuner’s founder, Akira Nakai, and Mr. Foust have been talking about doing a project together for some time. So, when Tanner started driving for Volkswagen and since many Porsche enthusiasts also love classic VW’s it seemed like a good time to make a unique Beetle with its retro styling.

“I love the engineering that Volkswagen puts into its cars — they’re packed with features and very capable — and I love the stylistic cues that you see from tuners in Japan,” said Foust. “I thought it would be interesting to mix the two and see what you would get.”

The tuned VW Beetle made its debut at SEMA. Now, how many people do you think will want one of these (if they are ever sold, of course)?

Video: Birth Of The Porsche 356 Outlaw

By   October 29, 2014

Porsche 356 Outlaw

Porsche 356 Outlaw

A Porsche 356 Outlaw can be just an awesome car. Taking a wonderful classic and making it into something that is one of a kind can make for quite a car. Doing it properly and tastefully is the key.

The Emory family knows how to do an Outlaw right. After all they were the family who’s builds the name was coined after. In 1948 Neil Emory started the family legacy with his hotrod builds. Later on as his sons and eventually his grandson joined the family business they created the original Baja Bug.

They later turned their sights to the Porsche 356 which is how they became the Outlaw designers. The family shop still builds 356 Outlaws using tools that would have been available to Porsche when the 356 was still being sold.

Their cars aren’t just exquisite show pieces, but they are meant to be driven. That is what Rod, Neil’s grandson, loves to hear from customers.

This video gives some of the history behind the shop that gave us the 356 Outlaw. It also has some great images of these wonderful modified Porsches being enjoyed on the road.

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Carve An Awesome Automotive Themed Pumpkin With These Free Patterns

By   October 16, 2014


Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Carved Pumpkin

Halloween is fast approaching and this is the time of year when many of us go and find a pumpkin and carve a traditional pattern into it. But, what if you are an automotive enthusiast who would love to have a cool car themed pumpkin?

Well the folks over at We R Mopar, VW Parts Vortex and Olathe Toyota Parts Center have put together free downloadable pumpkin carving patterns. Couple this with a good pumpkin and a the right tools and you could have an awesome pumpkin like the one pictured above.

The patterns available are of the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, VW Golf R and a vintage Toyota Pickup Truck.

So, get out there and carve an awesome pumpkin. If you do, share it with us on one of our social media channels and we might share it with our blog audience.

Muscle Cars, A Corvette And VW Type 1 At The CMBC Car Show

By   September 29, 2014

CMBC Last Car Show of the Season

CMBC Last Car Show of the Season

As we shared not too long ago, the Clovis Missionary Baptist Church (CMBC) in Clovis California, hosts a weekly community car show. The show runs every Friday evening through the spring and summer months.

The cars at the show are different from week to week and you will see everything from a 1920’s Ford to a new 2014 Maserati. This past weekend was the last show of the season and there was a good turnout of car enthusiasts.

After eating the good food that was provided by CMBC, we took a look at the cars on display. There were plenty of great rides, but for this video we focused on the American muscle and sports cars (with a Volkswagen thrown in for good measure).

The weekly car show has been a lot of fun for all the automotive enthusiasts as well as for the Church. It is also a good outreach opportunity to allow those in the community to know where the Church meets and if someone is looking for a new Church home, they may decide that this is a good place to attend.

We have loved attending the car shows and plan on having more coverage of future shows when the season starts again. Smaller intimate community shows like this one are a great way for people interested in cars to meet new people and see some great vehicles.

While we enjoy all the world class machines that we see at Pebble Beach each year, a more intimate show can be just as much fun and there usually isn’t a cost for admission.

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