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Comparing A 1983 Porsche 928 S To A Chevy Camaro Z28

By   April 8, 2016

1983 Porsche 928 S And Camaro Z28

1983 Porsche 928 S And Camaro Z/28

The Porsche 928 and Camaro Z28 are not vehicles that are often compared. They are in many ways totally different types of cars. The 928 is a luxury performance machine, but the Z28 is a muscle car that in 1983 still had a solid rear axle.

Back in 1983 MotorWeek decided to test both vehicles on the track. At the time the 928 S went for over $40,000 versus just over $10,000 for the high performance Camaro.

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Does It Make Sense To Build Your Own Chevy Camaro Z/28?

By   June 26, 2015

Building A Camaro Z/28

Building a Camaro Z/28

Let’s say you bought a 2015 Chevrolet Camaro SS, but really want a Z/28, should you trade-in the car to upgrade? If you are mechanically inclined, there may be a way to build a Z/28 instead of purchasing one from a dealer.

Not only can you build your own, but it may cost you less money to do so than to purchase a factory built car. In fact if you want just the look of the higher performance Camaro it will cost under $1,600. However, to get the added performance will cost you 17 times more.

Click past the jump (or scroll down if you came directly to the full article) to find out more of what it takes to build a Camro Z/28 starting with a SS.

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Chevrolet Teases 2016 Camaro While Celebrating 500,000th Fifth Generation Car

By   March 13, 2015

Fifth Generarion Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

Chevy Camaro Z/28

This year marks the final year of production of the fifth generation Chevrolet Camaro. It has been a very successful car for GM with almost 500,000 cars being sold since it went on sale in 2009 (they should hit that number once the March sales are final).

Of course this generation car is also attached to a famous Transformer. With Bumblebee being a fifth generation car in the more recent movies, it further helped sales of the performance machine and it was able to outsell its chief rival, Mustang.

Hit the jump to find out more about the fifth generation Camaro and to see a video with a tease of the sixth generation car.

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The First Five Generations Of The Chevy Camaro

By   February 27, 2015

Five Generations of the Chevy Camaro

The Camaro has had quite a history during its first five generations. The American muscle car took on the Ford Mustang and over the years has provided plenty of good competition. No matter if you drive something like a 2014 Camaro Coupe or a 1969 first generation convertible, each car is special in one way or another.

2015 is the final year for the fifth generation and before releasing the next gen car, Chevrolet shares a bit about each generation of the high performance machine.

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You Choose: American Performance Car Of The Year

By   December 26, 2014

Corvette Z06, Challenger SRT Hellcat, Camaro Z/28 or Mustang GT350

Corvette Z06, Challenger SRT Hellcat, Camaro Z/28 or Mustang GT350

It is that time of year, when we choose our Performance Car of the Year. This year we will have three categories and then an overall winner. The categories are American Performance Car of the Year, European Performance Car of the Year and Asian Performance Car of the Year. The winners of each category will then be pitted head to head for the overall Performance Car of the Year award.

First off we will give you the options for the American Performance Car of the Year. Read over the options and then let us know which one you would choose in the comments. Your comments will be read and taken into account for the car that will win the prize in each category.

Corvette Z06

The Corvette Z06 offers 650 horsepower and can rocket from 0-60 mph in just 2.9 seconds. It is definitely the most car you can get for the money.

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

All we need to say about the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is 707 horsepower! The car has a large enough back seat to comfortably sit two adults, so you can scare three of your friends with its power.

Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

The Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 is a track ready machine. It has 505 horsepower and provides a refreshing analog driving experience. It is so good that multiple publications are actually comparing it to the Porsche 911 GT3.

Ford Shelby Mustang GT350

The Shelby Mustang GT350 made its debut not very long ago and yet it may very well be the car of the year. It will offer over 500 horsepower and looks track ready with its advanced suspension (something we could never say about a Mustang until this generation).

Your Turn

Now that you know the candidates scroll down and let us know which of these American performance cars you would choose in the comments.

Desktop wallpaper of the Corvette Z06, Challenger SRT Hellcat, Camaro Z/28 and Mustang GT350.